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How to Avoid Plagiarism in Essay Writing – 7 Tips

By Native News Online Staff - August 12, 2019 at 12:00AM

Published August 12, 2019

Checking uniqueness stands for comparing the text of your work with all the content that was written earlier and posted on the Internet and in all kinds of databases. For each specialty, the minimum bar is determined so that the work is recognized as unique, and the student receives the right to protect it. As a rule, this is 90 percent.

As it may seem, the most obvious advice is clear: write by yourself, do not copy information from the Internet and databases to make the text unique, or order work at “write my essay cheap” professional essay writing service. But in practice, only those who have never written scientific papers can argue this way.

You need to understand that at least 50 percent of any work consists of theoretical knowledge. And these are theories, scientific laws, legal laws, quotes, and definitions of terms, etc. If you avoid this information, the work simply will not be accepted, because without theory and previous research, it is impossible to write.

So you need to rephrase everything?

This idea is even worse because most of the information is simply not editable! You cannot introduce a new definition of a term but are forced to use existing ones, which will necessarily be considered plagiarism. And if you write work on jurisprudence? How can you amend a chapter of the Constitution or an article of the Criminal Code? These are rhetorical questions because the answers to them are too obvious.

There are also stable figures of speech that can be used for any written material, and even for this article that you are reading now. Just imagine how many of these figures will be in the scientific work of 80-120 pages!

It turns up a vicious circle: you should not use other people’s information, but you can’t use it either. Rave? No one argues with that.

We can give only a few obvious recommendations that will slightly increase your chances of uniqueness:

  • do not copy the whole paragraphs;
  • if you have to copy a large piece of text, radically change its structure;
  • rephrase anything that can be rephrased;
  • change each title, table, list;
  • dilute each copied fragment with unique author text;

Turn the cheapest essay writing service for help

At the moment, there are only two proven ways to increase the originality of the essay, which will definitely work. And both of them you can order on custom essay writing service website:

  • document encoding;
  • professional rewrite.

When there is no time to wait, and the result is needed right now, coding is perfect for you. Its essence is to change the program code of a document for a specific anti-plagiarism algorithm which will check your work. You specify the verification service and the desired percentage, and after 5 minutes you get the result. It is not only fast but also inexpensive – if you order it via special programmers service.

If you do not know the verification service of your school or are afraid that the work will be checked in a couple of them, we recommend ordering a professional rewrite at college essay writing service. It is a hand-made agency that consists of student staff.

They perfectly know the rules of English, can withstand the scientific style, understand the requirements of the manual and have already successfully completed tens of thousands of orders.

If you need weeks to rewrite, then professionals from academic essay writing service can do it in just three days. Legit essay writing service has been used by more than 300,000 students. They will be happy to help you defeat low uniqueness! Do not waste time and nerves – entrust the work to professionals and make sure it’s well-polished and original.

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