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How to Improve Writing Skills For Kids

By Native News Online Staff - August 22, 2019 at 12:00AM

Published August 22, 2019

Writing is one of the 4 learning skills that kids need to master, in addition to reading, listening and speaking. It’s the way they explain themselves and share their ideas with the world. Some parents are worried that their kids aren’t good writers. While there are naturally talented writers, this skill can also be taught and learned. Taking a look at several free essays examples can show you how different people write. While there isn’t a single way for composing an excellent essay, checking out these free examples of several essays shows you that there are several different ways it can be done.

How to Improve Writing Skills for Kids?

When given enough time and attention, your kids can become good writers with a little practice. Here are some activities and tips that can help kids with writing.

  1.     Read More

While thinking about how to help kids with writing, you shouldn’t ignore engaging them into some extra reading. Reading teaches children more vocabulary, figures of speech and ways used to explain certain ideas. Later on, they won’t face problems trying to write a difficult essay regardless of its topic, because they know how to pick the right words.

  1.     Help Them

If kids are intimated by composing sentences on their own, you can make it part of some fun or family activity. If you’re a teacher, you can show them how you write about a certain topic and let them come up with their own sentences. Show them examples of essays you’ve written and ask for their opinion. Writing compositions can also become a family activity at home where several members of the family or friends can write a single sentence in the same story and finally share it together. The idea is to make this activity as fun as possible to help kids get rid of any pressure they naturally associate with compositions.

  1.     Encourage Brainstorming

The biggest problem anyone can face while working on a task is finding the right ideas. When kids are older, they will be asked to submit a certain word count for a paper or essay. If they don’t know what to write, they might submit an incomplete essay. Teach them how to overcome this problem by writing down every idea that can be related to the main topic. Having the ideas written in front of their eyes will help them come with related words and pieces of evidence to support what they’re doing. Working in drafts shows kids that making mistakes is OK. It also teaches them the importance of editing. Later on, kids can use online and offline tools that help them improve the readability of their text by eliminating any mistakes and shortening unnecessarily long sentences.

  1.     Try Different Types of Writing

Using various activities to improve writing skills for kids will encourage all kids to take part. Some kids prefer story writing over essays. Others would love to try scripts. All these types of composition have several things in common and will come in handy later on. While older students mainly focus on finishing essays and research papers, they can still benefit from some input that makes their academic tasks more personalized.

  1.     Ask Kids to Keep a Journal

Journaling is one of the most important activities to improve writing skills. Even adults are advised to keep a journal. First, it’s an amazing way to practice writing every day. Every time you write, you’ll be talking about a certain topic and trying to deliver a specific idea. It’s also a great way for kids to express themselves in a stress-free environment. Some kids would prefer to share their journal entries with others. Encourage them to do this at home or in the class. However, others would still prefer to keep their entries private. This is also OK until they’re confident enough about sharing their work with others. Kids will open up and talk about their feelings when they know that they won’t be judged.

  1.     Encourage Free Writing

Writing for kids isn’t about sticking to a single type or genre. Kids might come up with their own topics and stories, ignoring the ones you’ve suggested in the class or at home. It’s important that you encourage this type of creativity as they’ll feel appreciated and will eventually try to do the things you’ve asked for. Kids will always prefer to write about themselves and their thoughts before they can follow a certain guideline.

These activities should be followed simultaneously by parents, guardians, and teachers. Improving writing is an ongoing process that takes time and patience. When these activities are followed, the results will be impressive.

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