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Pros and Cons of Eating Edibles

By Native News Online Staff - August 29, 2019 at 12:00AM

Published August 29, 2019

Since the legalization of cannabis in most of the major countries in the world, various ways for the consumption of cannabis has evolved. The most common and widely used phenomenon to consume cannabis is smoking. But as we know smoking anything is harmful to our lungs, even the smoke of bonfire is not good for our lungs. So recently the way of consuming cannabis through edibles has increased and we would like to tell you some pros and cons of it. With the decriminalization of cannabis in various countries, the distribution of channel has evolved and now people can get high-quality stuff and products made of cannabis legally from online market. People can easily buy weed online these days if they are eligible to use the product made of cannabis.

Cannabis is being sold with some enticing product names like budget buds, pineapple express and many more. But these products can be consumed with the option of smoking only. Medical researchers have found various ways to consume cannabis. The most common form of cannabis – CBD Oil is widely popular in the medical world and it is believed to have major health benefits to treat several conditions. Now cannabis is also added to chocolates, ice cream, beverages, and other edibles. Edibles are tasty and popular ways to consume cannabis and many consumers prefer it to any other ways of ingesting marijuana. But just like every coin has two sides, eating edibles has pros and cons as well which we have discussed below:

Pros of Eating Edibles

  1. Long-Lasting High

Consuming cannabis through edibles can have very long-lasting high effects compare to smoking it. The effects of an edible can last anywhere from three to seven hours. It is perfect for patients with severe chronic pain.

  1. Stronger High

It is obvious that easting cannabis has stronger high effects than smoking and that too without harming the lungs. Edibles are metabolized by the liver, which passes through the blood-brain barrier faster than smoke. This process results in creating more body-centered evenly distributed high

  1. More Constant High

Edibles create a steady and consistent high that lasts long for almost 3-7 hours compared to the high from smoking which constantly spikes and falls. As when you consume cannabis through the edibles, they are likely to take a long time to digest in the body so they can have constant high effects on the body and brain.

Cons of Eating Edibles

  1. Waiting Period

Unlike smoking, edibles take more time to show its effects. They can take anywhere from 45 minutes to two hours to actually feel the effects because the digestive system has to convert THC to its psychoactive form.

  1. Consumer Often Overdose or Underdose

Since edibles take time and are more potent, consumers will often overdose or underdose. Sometimes consumer may eat edibles like they have taken dianabol steroids and it can result in overdose and in fear of what could be the possible effects people may eat less edible that leads to underdose. So fear and impatience typically cause consumers to experience a bad edible high.

  1. Easily Mistaken for Normal Snacks

Edibles look just like any other snack, especially if left out of its packaging. So sometimes people may consume edibles accidentally thinking it was regular gummy bear or brownie. If not stored properly, children may consume it thinking other snacks.

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