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Technology In Education: Could It Eventually Make Teachers Obsolete?

By Levi Rickert - August 29, 2019 at 08:27PM

Published August 29, 2019

Technology has changed so many aspects of our daily lives to a point that it’s near impossible for us to live comfortably without the many conveniences and innovations that it brings us on a consistent basis. Yet, for all this innovation and convenience, there will always be a fine line between the easing of a task and the encouragement of complacence.

And to put things frankly, complacence has no place in education. There will always be something to learn, information changes, new discoveries are made and new conclusions are met. But the one thing that will always persist in the field of education is the fact that there will always be a need for good teachers. I mean, don’t you find it amazing that we can simply access the internet for any information we need? A simple Google search is bound to give you the answers you need. So, if we have that kind of access to technology, what’s the point of even going to school at all?

We Should Remember That Technology Is Merely A Tool

Whether it’s a handheld power tool or something as abstract as the internet, technology has always been a means to enhance what we’re able to do, and not replace what we do. It’s in this same manner of thinking that we have to look at how technology is changing education. No matter how advanced technology may get, it can never completely replace excellent teachers in education in the same manner that the internet cannot replace schools as a platform for learning for the simple fact that these are merely tools. Every tool needs a user in order for it to be able to fulfill its intended function.

But Could Education Actually Be Obsolete?

While it’s been established that technology can never completely replace teachers, could an argument be made against the system itself in favor of technology? In a world where information has become a commodity, is education still your best chance at success? Well, the truth is, it’s not a cookie-cutter solution. How education affects an individual’s success varies between individuals. These should be treated as case-by-case studies, but the funny thing is that the answers also lies in the fact that education has varying effects on each individual. Besides a person’s knowledge, education is also meant to develop a student’s character.

A teacher’s ability to inspire and encourage students to strive for their goals is what separates them from the tools they use to facilitate the learning process.

Technology and the Human Touch

What truly makes teachers indispensable in the field of education is their ability to appeal to the emotions of students and how they are able to function as role models. Not all lessons are learned through raw information. Sometimes, the best way to learn is through vicarious learning, where human empathy helps drive the point of a lesson home. The human touch is what allows us to achieve a better understanding of each other and the world around us, and it is in this regard that there can never be a piece of technology that is advanced enough to replace teachers in education.

And on that note, we have to appreciate these people who take the time to help other people reach higher heights. Commendations such as the DLG Teacher Appreciation Award are efforts to give back to these noble men and women in the teaching profession. They are shaping the future by teaching our children the ways of the world. It’s only right that we give back to them once in a while to remind them that society values their service.

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