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To Buy or Not to Buy Essays? – Dilemma for Students

By Native News Online Staff - August 28, 2019 at 12:00AM

Published August 28, 2019

Students from all around the globe actively use the services of academic writing companies. They offer on-time help and meet the demands of any educational institution. They provide a wide range of conveniences and services. The companies provide multiple reasons why students should buy online help. On the contrary, many students hesitate to buy essays, and there are many reasons as well. What should you do? We have investigated this crucial issue and offer you several reasons that speak in favor of both sides. Read all the pros and cons to draw some fair conclusions.

The main disadvantages of buying help online

Let’s review some reasons that make students suspicious and refuse online assistance.

  • Poor quality. The first point everyone should consider is the quality of support. Many websites give broken promises about their dependability. They promise to compose papers that meet the highest academic standards. In reality, most of them compose papers with a lot of grammar and stylistic mistakes. At times, a project doesn’t even answer the main question. Consequently, students simply waste their money and precious time.
  • A risk to be caught. There is always a risk of being caught. An exam regulator called Ofqual reported multiple cases when students were caught at buying online papers. Many dishonest services simply copy and paste from the works of other authors. Moreover, they even make some mistakes and so, the papers are plagiarized and full of errors.
  • Too expensive services. It’s also possible to find trustworthy platforms, which can compose high-quality orders and deliver them on time. Unfortunately, they charge too much. Students have limited budgets and have to save as much as they can. When they see high prices, they have to look for other alternatives. Oftentimes, they come across cheap services that don’t meet their expectations concerning quality.
  • Violation of privacy. It’s not always possible to hide your collaboration with such services. Though their work is legal, no educators welcome it. Writing websites promise to protect private data of their clients but some of them don’t use even the simplest safeguard.
  • A decrease in learning abilities. Another potential problem endangers the competence of students’ skills and knowledge. If a student uses online services all the time long, he/she becomes addicted to this practice. A student doesn’t wish to fulfill assignments on his/her own and so, it leads to a decrease in learning abilities.

Good reasons to buy essays online

Now, we’d like to shed some light on the advantages one enjoys when he/she uses online help.

  • Top quality. First of all, such websites offer a high quality of help. It’s true that you may be let down by some dishonest websites. However, there is a high percentage to find trustworthy and highly qualified resources. Read customers’ reviews and special informative resources. They give a fair evaluation of the top writing websites. They can easily complete all kinds of academic papers and meet the top standards of any school, college or university. Besides, students may learn a lot from the orders they receive.
  • Progressive deliveries. Time is the second important benefit every student looks for. They may receive an urgent assignment or simply forget about some of them. Therefore, it’s reasonable to have a writing platform, which can offer instant assistance. Professional writers constantly improve their methods of work and adapt different writing techniques. Thus, they know what technique is suitable for a concrete piece of writing.
  • Correct formatting. One of the typical problems of most students is the wrong format of their papers. Some students are inattentive and forget about some demands. The others don’t even bother themselves with learning different writing formats. As a result, they plagiarize the texts they write even if they are taken from official informative resources. Skilled writers, editors and proofreaders help to solve this issue. They are familiar with all kinds of formats. They are very accurate and cite every quotation in accordance with the rules. Thus, they write in APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, and other formats. Accordingly, they provide plagiarism-free content. All the works are done from scratch, and students enjoy 100% authentic orders.
  • 24/7 support. The accessibility of writing companies is of great importance as well. The need may come when they least expect it and so, a website that works 24 hours round the clock is an important benefit. Such websites accept orders whenever clients need. Besides, they offer informative assistance from their teams of support. Competent technicians can be reached in the live chat room. There will always be someone ready to answer all your questions and provide detailed responses.

Final thoughts

As you can see, it’s a dubious situation. There are some good reasons to use the help of a professional writing service like this where you can purchase customized essays online. On the other hand, you may not be lucky to find the assistance you need. It’s important to make in-depth research on this matter and spend some time to find a trustworthy platform. Moreover, one should compare various platforms to be sure he/she makes the right choice.

You should be aware of losing some of your skills too. If you overuse the help of writing companies, you may forget the simplest things. We recommend using online help from time to time. If you fall ill, have no time or don’t really understand the assignment or discipline, you may use a good writing platform. In all other cases try to accomplish the tasks on your own.

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