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When and How Much Parents Should Help With Homework

By Native News Online Staff - August 23, 2019 at 12:00AM

Published August 23, 2019

With the advancement in technology, homework is sure of getting a whole new makeover. Many parents and guardians argue, should kids have homework when the focus should be on interactive learning. The education system worldwide needs to undergo a transformation and bid farewell to rote learning forever. With the increased competition and the world getting smaller day-by-day, homework is on the verge of becoming more or less a form of child abuse. On the other hand, there are many examples of how homework helps in reducing child abuse, and researchers are compiling the same in the targeted essay. Many essays on child abuse topic can be found online which address not only regular child abuse essay topics but also stringent homework and deadlines, which are only shortening the period of childhood that kids get to enjoy.

Ways parents can help with homework of their children

Parents don’t need to wrestle over a child abuse essay to see or at least start wondering how they can help their children enjoy the golden years of their lives fully and appreciatively. But it is essential to draw the line here. So, here are a few ways in which parents can help children with their homework:

1.     Encourage free creativity

Kids have an uncanny potential of surprising not just their parents but also their teachers when allowed to exert their imagination and creativity. Let your children feel free to express by encouraging unrestricted thinking and allowing them to come up with solutions for their homework problems innovatively. This not only makes their homework a fun activity but also helps them in keeping their minds sharp and enlivens their innocent spirits. Encourage your children to rethink the problem in their way, allow them to interpret it in the most relatable manner by using their everyday activities or toys and then come up with an approach to solve it.

2.     Research outdoors

There are certain topics that students when asked to ram up in closed wall classrooms, detest automatically. Parents helping with homework can rectify this situation by taking the education outdoors at every opportunity. Bringing help with homework outdoors, especially when it comes to subjects like science and mathematics because fresh air only stimulates the brain. Take your children on a hike through the wild backyard to look for leaves and study the insects for biology homework. Relate the mathematics problems with games that help them understand the topics and solve them instantly. Scientific studies have shown that children are much more responsive and have higher retention ability when studying in the open. This also comes with an added advantage of bonding time with your children.

3.     Entail professional help

Should parents help with homework? In case a student is weak in a particular subject, parental help may only make things worse. The reason is that in such scenarios, children need additional professional help from a tutor who is well versed in the said subject. There are instances when parents end up confusing their children even further or are weak themselves in certain subjects, which inevitably is detrimental to the children. Hence, it is better to entail extra help to nip the problem in the bud and straighten up the concepts for your children at the ripe age. Still, to look for some decent essay examples online, in case the child is struggling with one, is a task that every parent can cope with.

4.     Technology and aesthetics

Often students struggle with writing paper on topics that are baffling to them in the very first place. One of the best homework tips for parents is to help students in such topics by showing them videos and other interactive media on the internet. For instance, the precipitation cycle and the photosynthesis can be made much easier to understand by using video samples on the internet to help children with their visualization. This is an effective strategy for the students, however, it should be noted here that young kids should not develop an addiction to gadgets at the same time. Striking a balance is the key here.

5.     Set time frame

A major issue with children today is that even they have become habitual to become stressful and pile up pressure on themselves. Such scenarios can only be remedied by parents setting up the time frame for homework while keeping slots for pure recreation and sports. This also helps students who tend to procrastinate to get back to work and get the most done during the hours meant only for school work.

The situation with homework can be made much simpler with the help of parents. However, it is imperative to strike a balance between leading and helping. Keep your children at the steering wheel while you tag along only to help when they get stuck. Enhance the leadership of your children and let them learn to deal with the stress productively.

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