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6 Simple And Useful DIY Ideas For Beginners

By Native News Online Staff - September 08, 2019 at 12:00AM

Published September 8, 2019

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects are not only fun but also help you showcase your creative ideas without having to spend a ton. You can give your home an entire makeover by investing some time, and the best thing is that the internet is overloaded with DIY ideas. However, if you’re a beginner, it’s suggested not to get into something too difficult and complicated for the first time. You can also learn about some really easy DIY ideas that won’t take much time and can be planned using readily available DIY products to practice. However, ensure investing in quality products so that you can get the best possible outcome.

Considering it to be your first time trying out a DIY project, we’ve ensured keeping up with the simplicity of all the ideas discussed in this article.

Cassette Tape Wallet

It’s not uncommon to have old cassette tapes lying unused in your home. Instead of keeping these piled up, you can create a customized wallet using one of these. For this, you need to split the tape from the center and simply paste these two faces on a tiny bag (wallet-shaped) made by colored cloth. You can easily find a zipper in the market to attach to this bag so as to make it look entirely like a wallet. Choosing your favorite cassette will give a personalized appeal to this wallet, and you can carry it wherever you want.

Recycled wood and leather shelves

If you have some old leather belts lying around in your home along with some wooden planks, you can use these in order to prepare a spacious shelf. All you will need is a couple of nails to hold the wooden plank and belt attached so that you can easily hang it on the wall. This won’t take much time to be designed and you can use it to keep several decor objects that will improve the overall appearance of your place. Placing some furniture alongside will assist you in maintaining a nice aesthetics of the room as you can match its color with that of your DIY shelf.

Repurposing containers

Plastic and metal containers often end up making their way to the dustbin without getting suitably reused. Using these for a simple DIY project will not only avoid the extra cash that you need to spend on buying designer containers but also help save the environment by reducing waste. For this, you can get some paintbrushes along and start giving an entirely new outlook to these extra containers present in your home. You can give these all a uniform design so that they look exactly like a container set bought from the market. Try adding a bit of glitter according to your preference and you’ll have the best implementation of some nearly waste products in your home.

Button decorative bowl

Now, this is a fun one — you need a balloon, a ton of colored buttons and glue to get your customized bowl. Start with inflating the balloon and pasting these buttons adjacent to each other with the help of a suitable adhesive. Make sure there’s not much space left in between as it will cause a problem when it comes to shaping your decorative bowl. Now once you’ve created a semi-sphere design with these glued buttons, let the setup get sufficiently dried before you remove the extra balloon part. You’ll be left with a bowl that can be used to keep several small objects and you can easily place it over the living room table or even dining table.

Painting T-shirts using a stencil

Although T-shirt painting requires decent artistic skills, you can utilize a stencil in order to ease this process for yourself. You can take a print of some simple but beautiful designs on paper and cut it properly to transform it into a stencil. This stencil can be used to color a plain T-shirt and give it a refreshing and new look. Using spray paint is also recommended for this DIY project as it will have a dot-like appearance that looks pleasing to the eyes. Make sure you use a good quality of painting material so that it ‘doesn’t get washed off too easily.

Using eggshells as flower pots

You can use some intact eggshells to transform them into tiny pots for keeping plants and flowers. Remove the top part carefully and empty the egg by separating the yolk. Now, you can fill it up with sand and decorate accordingly so as to give a beautiful look. This DIY project will need you to work with stable hands so that you don’t end up breaking the entire eggshell.

All in all, DIY projects are exciting to work upon as they help expand your creativity and give the classic ideas your own touch.

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