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Insurance – A Gift One Should Gift to Oneself 

By Native News Online Staff - September 19, 2019 at 12:00AM

Published September 19, 2019

Family is all we have. And to protect the family and its happiness, one should always go for insurance policies. With the hectic fast lifestyle, it is getting harder and harder to maintain your health at bay. Moreover, with this fast pace, one might meet with fatal accidents. It might cause damage to the car as well as the life of the one whom it hit. Alternatively, it might cause a deadly injury to the one who was driving it. It is hence proved that insurance plays a vital role in every aspect; from health to assets. Types of insurance policy available in the market and their functions: 

1. Health Insurance:  

This insurance provides with financial security related to health. It covers all the expenditure of the patient from doctor’s fee, to medicines purchase to any diagnostics performed. In short, it helps the insurer to get it cover anything related to health. You need to apply for the insurance after you are done with every process.  

2. Life Insurance: 

Life insurance is one of the essential insurance poly available in the market. It helps the insurer to provide with security to his family, in case of uncertain death. This insurance poly serves with emergencies when the head of the family meets with a fatal accident leading to his death, if the person is insured with a life insurance policy, this will help the family. The money secured from this uncertainty will help the family meeting the emergency after the loss of the insured family member. 

3. Vehicle insurance:

Vehicle insurance comes with an extensive list of benefits, namely: 

  1. Liability coverage:

Liability is required while you are driving a car in the US. It provides with coverage where one meets with an accident with your vehicle. It might be a human or any tangible object. 

  1. Comprehensive coverage:

It covers financial damage when your car meets with an accident with another vehicle. It helps in covering losses which are incurred by vandalism, collisions with animal along with natural disasters.   

  1. Collision insurance:

It covers financial car damages when your car meets with an accident with another vehicle. It helps in recovering or replacing damaged car parts. 

  1. Uninsured motorist insurance:

This policy helps with car owners if met with an accident with a hit and run case along with uninsured drivers.  

  1. Medical payments coverage:

Having this insurance helps in covering the medical treatment incurred due to a vehicle accident. \

  1. Gap insurance:

Gap insurance helps the car owner in covering situations such as theft. 

  1. Rental reimbursement insurance: 

This insurance policy helps the car owner with renting a car after meeting with an accident, which naturally made the car not derivable.  

  1. Towing and labor insurance:

If you already purchased the comprehensive coverage, then it will help you with towing and labor insurance. Once met with an accident, this particular insurance helps in financially covering towing and labor cost for the repairing of the car.  

  1. Classic car insurance:

It specializes only for the ones who own vintage models.  

One is sure about the benefits one can get after getting their car s insured. If any traffic police catch you without a driving, a license and also not having insurance can bring you down a lot of mess which will cost you a lot. Penalty for driving without a permit can be huge.  

The policies as mentioned above to car insurance help a lot in dealing with problems, which might face while not having car insurance. These insurances policies work for all form of auto insurance. Hope you to take this advice and get your vehicle insured as soon as you can. For further details, one can sure to have a glance in this link given 


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