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Tips To Help You Become A Better Nurse

By Native News Online Staff - September 18, 2019 at 12:00AM

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Published September 18, 2019

Being a nurse is a rewarding and exciting career and will offer you many opportunities to advance in your professional life. The reality is though that if you want to truly get ahead you’re going to have to work on becoming a better nurse overtime.

Put the following tips into practice and you’ll likely soon find that you’re reaching new heights with your career and outshining the competition. Let your passion for the field keep you motivated to continue on strong if you’re ever feeling frustrated or defeated. Keep in mind that even if it’s a challenging road ahead that investing in yourself and your nursing skills is always a good use of your time, especially if it’s your passion.

Educate Yourself

One tip to help you become a better nurse is to focus on furthering your education in this area. For instance, there are nursing leadership courses out there to take advantage of so that you can improve your abilities and become a more critical thinker and thriving leader. A great use of your free time is to take courses online that are going to help you achieve more and advance your career. The more knowledge you have the better equipped you’ll be to solve problems, work with patients and move up into various management, supervisory and director positions.

Listen to Your Patients

Although you have a lot of good information to share with others, sometimes listening gets you further in life. Therefore, take time to lend an open ear when working with patients to hear more about their health and what’s going on with them. You can learn a lot by doing less talking and instead allowing your patients to describe to you how they’re feeling and what their concerns may be. Listen to your patients by making eye contact with them and not being distracted while in the exam room. You may also want to get in the habit of repeating back what you think you heard to make sure you’re both on the same page.

Observe Others

Another excellent way to help you become a better nurse is to take time to observe others. Spend time with colleagues who you look up to and pick their brains to learn more about their style and approach. Request to job shadow those you admire and get a better feel for how they handle difficult or challenging situations. You may decide you want to alter your ways based on what information you’re taking in from others around you. On the other hand, this exercise may help to reinforce what you’re doing right or what seems to be going well for you so you can do more of it going forward.

Communicate Clearly & Effectively

Become a better nurse and professional by communicating clearly and effectively in all your interactions. You want to be able to get your point across quickly when you’re a busy nurse without causing any confusion about what you’re saying. You want to ensure that the patient understands what you’re trying to convey so that they can take your recommendations seriously and apply your advice to improve their health. Be diligent about explaining complicated terminology you’re using so your patients don’t leave your presence feeling frustrated or puzzled. You’re going to have to be able to clearly spell out and describe treatment plans and communicate the reasoning behind your decisions to others regularly.

Ask for Feedback

A very beneficial way to improve your nursing skills and become a better worker is to ask for feedback from those around you. Reach out and gather insights as to what they feel you’re doing well and what areas you need to work on yet. Record down your strengths and weaknesses and determine how you’re going to go about ensuring you can advance your skills over time and be more successful in your role. You may be blind to or unaware of some of the roadblocks that are holding you back from achieving more with your career so be open to listening to what others have to say regarding your performance.

Identify A Mentor

It’s also going to be helpful for you to identify a mentor in the field who can guide you as you progress forward in your career. Choose someone who’s been in your shoes before and who you can relate to and feel comfortable having discussions with about how you’re doing. Ask this person what they feel you should be working on now and in the future so you can prove to others you have what it takes to move up the ladder. Use your mentor as a sounding board and resource as you try to work on getting better at your job and making sure your patients are happy with your services.

Focus on Your People Skills Versus Tasks

Although there’s a lot to do as a nurse and many duties to complete it’s important that you focus on your people skills first and foremost. The tasks are always going to be there, but the patients are what will ultimately make or break how well you do at your job. Therefore, focus on ways for how you can improve your interactions with patients and make them feel more comfortable and confident with your abilities. Working in healthcare means you’re in the business of helping and interacting with people so strive to make sure that you’re committed to creating a positive experience for those you encounter throughout your career.


Becoming a better nurse is hard work, and the road to success may not be easy. However, it is an achievable goal when you commit to implementing these tips in the workplace. Remember

to be open to learning and growing and listening to what others have to say about your performance if you want to advance in your profession. Commit to not settling for mediocre and striving to improve as time goes on so you can become the best nurse possible and feel more satisfied at your job overall.

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