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What You Didn’t Know About Running a Successful Charity Raffle

By Native News Online Staff - September 16, 2019 at 12:00AM

Published September 16, 2019

You want to raise money for a good cause. Excited, you ask friends and family to support you. But all you get are empty promises or little to no support. Organizing a charity raffle goes a long way to raise funds for a cause or charity without looking like you’re begging or desperate.

And the best part is, you’re not alone. Thousands of charities around the world run raffles to raise more money for their own personal causes each year. So it’s a practical, well-proven, and time-tested method to help achieve income goals. However, you need to jump through some hoops before you get started.

It’s easy to run a charity raffle but …

You need a license to start with. Obtaining one is easy. In some instances, it’s not even required. For example, if you run a charity lottery as part of an event, no need for a license. But you need one if you’re running a standalone raffle.

Next, you need to know where to source your raffle prizes. Running a raffle is about a charity making 100% profits and keeping them all. But even so, supporters need to win prizes to keep motivated in supporting your charity or cause for weeks on end.

If you can have prizes donated to your cause by corporates, supporters and partners, the better as you’ll save sums of money. (Note: the prizes you choose depend on the people buying raffle tickets).

Get prizes that flatter supporters, the kind that attracts them to the raffle. You can have cash prizes as well as mind-blowing but ingenious prizes to encourage your supporter base to try the raffle.

A charity lottery is only profitable with a proper plan in place

Mapping out your goals will help save time and money. You can hire professional charity raffle providers to handle everything for you including fueling engagement. All these require planning ahead of time. For the record, well-planned charity lotteries increase success of other future campaigns.

A clear plan also helps identify who your target support base is, and what you want to achieve for your charity after the raffle is done with. After crafting a great plan for your charity raffle, promote it. Go out of your way and hire a marketing team if possible. It will help get word out fast.

You can run marketing campaigns both online or offline. This marketing strategy is worth its weight in gold as it can help inject emotion and persuade supporters to turn out in large numbers. If you focus on this pointer you’ll be home and dry. Even woo more supporters to the lottery.

A quick reminder: Your local authority needs to know how much profit you earn from the raffle. And whether 20% of the income was directed to funding the intended cause. This legal requirement is important after 3 months for all standalone raffles you run.

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