Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Navajo Gaming Presents $5 Million to Navajo Nation

By Native News Online Staff - October 15, 2019 at 12:00AM

Published October 15, 2019

WINDOW ROCK, Ariz. — The Navajo Nation Gaming Enterprise (Navajo Gaming), through a formal presentation at the start of the 24th Navajo Nation summer legislature session, gave a check for $5 million to the Navajo Nation for their annual payment to the NN Gaming Distribution Fund. This is the sixth disbursement Navajo Gaming has made to this fund since 2012. With this recent payment, Navajo Gaming has given $23.3 million to the NN Gaming Distribution Fund.

The funds are deposited into the Navajo Nation’s Gaming Distribution Fund, which is governed in accordance with 5NNC 2008 and the Federal Indian Gaming Regulatory Act. Distributions to the Navajo Nation are made from Navajo Gaming’s excess cash after the Enterprise has paid all operating expenses, capital maintenance & improvement costs, and debt service.

In attendance during the ceremonial check presentation were Navajo Gaming staff members (most of whom are members of the Navajo nation and serve in management roles throughout the enterprise). Navajo Gaming has served as an exemplary enterprise utilizing Navajo Preference. Navajo Gaming, in less than 10 years, has created over 7,600 direct, indirect and induced jobs with an overall economic output impact of over a billion dollars. The greatest asset of a successful company, corporation and/or business are their direct employees; Navajo Gaming has provided over 1,200 job opportunities for the Navajo people. The ability of Navajo Gaming to support the Navajo Nation through their annual Gaming Distribution Fund payments is reliant upon the enterprises’ superior staff and excellent customer service skills. The staff is the driving force of the success for this Tribal owned business.

“With the support of Navajo Nation Leadership, the Dine’ People and our Board of Directors, our Team has been able to continue to significantly increase the profitability and economic output of this enterprise while honoring and respecting the culture of Navajo. We are creating new jobs as part of our Strategic Development Plan and providing a strong rate of return to the Navajo Nation,” stated Brian Parrish, chief executive officer for Navajo Gaming.

“We as board of directors hold ourselves to the highest of standards as it relates to oversight of our billion-dollar business for our Navajo people, when they say Tone at the Top we have always encouraged our CEO and our Team to follow this lead,” said Quincy Natay, Chairman Navajo Gaming board of directors.

Just recently Navajo Gaming hired a group of 20 Navajo interns, gave them the responsibility to work with our Executive Team to project manage and oversight the Twin Arrows Travel Center. “It gives me great pride to say this group of Navajo interns now prepare for the opening of our very first travel center on the Navajo Nation. This is how much we believe in creating successful gaming business for our Navajo people,” stated Quincy Natay.

“The Navajo Nation Gaming Enterprise has quickly accelerated into one of the premier tribal gaming operations in the United States. It’s an open secret that Gaming’s success is due to its employees, and the Council is a strong believer in our enterprise employees and their wellbeing,” stated honorable speaker of the 24th Navajo Nation Council Seth Damon.

“Our Nation invested in the enterprise with the expectation that not only the Navajo government reap the benefits of Gaming’s success, nut our people, through the stable, solid employment would benefit as well. When our enterprises succeed, our Nation succeeds,” Damon stated.

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