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Sports Betting and Inidan Casinos: A Trend Expected to Continue to Gain Pace

By Native News Online Staff - October 20, 2019 at 12:00AM

Published October 19, 2019

There are over 460 gaming casinos owned by American Indian tribes throughout the United States. These casinos are supervised by a total of 240 tribes recognized by the federal government and they have done exceedingly well over the past few decades. However, the concept of sports betting has somewhat lagged behind other nations in terms of availability and legality. It was not until May 14, 2018 that the United States Supreme Court decided to finally lift the nationwide ban on this amazingly popular pastime. Still, it is important to note that not all states have legalised sports betting. At the time that this article was written, sports betting was legal in only 11 states (an additional seven are pending). The good news is that Michigan could be the latest state to allow sports betting within its Native American casinos. What does this signify for the entire industry and perhaps more importantly, how will this affect establishments overseen by American Indian tribes?

A Recognition of Popularity

While the number of casinos in the United States is quite impressive, many sports fans were frustrated a their lack of ability to place wagers on upcoming events. Thus, they turned to the Internet. The issue here is that some sites are more reputable than others. Cases of identity theft and fraudulent activities abound. This arises from the fact that offshore sports betting establishments are often governed by rather dubious rules. Domestic casinos are better able to regulate the entire industry and therefore, make certain that all players are treated fairly.

We also need to keep in mind that this decision by the Supreme Court was also quite pragmatic in nature. In other words, the legalisation of sports betting offers the government another source of revenue via taxation. Assuming that the Michigan law comes into effect, taxes could provide local schools with as much as $11.2 million dollars in government subsidies.

An Undeniable Force Within the Casino Industry

The fact that American Indian casinos will take bets on sporting events should really come as no great surprise. Although the first casino managed by Native Americans only opened its doors in 1979, the relatively brief history of this movement has been profound. This is why it is perfectly logical to assume that astute entrepreneurs would be keen to take advantage of sports betting within their premises.

Still, there are a number of challenges which must be overcome. Many states have not yet ratified the ruling of the Supreme Court. This could take quite a bit of time and casinos within these territories could lose ground in comparison to those who have opened their doors to the notion of sports betting. It is nonetheless an undeniable fact that a day will come when sports betting is legal throughout the entire country. This presents amazing opportunities to Native American tribes and the general public as a whole. So, fans of sports wagering should be able to look forward to a bright future indeed.

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