Monday, October 14, 2019

“Stumptown” Actress and Métis/First Nations’ Tantoo Cardinal Pens Message for Indigenous Peoples’ Day

By Levi Rickert - October 14, 2019 at 04:54PM

Tantoo Cardinal

Indigenous Peoples’ Day 2019

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Native actress, Tantoo Cardinal (Métis), from ABC’s top new show, Stumptown,” has an Indigenous People’s Day message:

“Happy Indigenous Peoples Day everyone. Remember where you came from. That is the message of today.

Have you talked to your Mother today?  Have you ever listened to her? She is more than a sunset and she is more than maternal.

We are the First Nations of the Americas. With over 600 Native Nations in North America, We are on the rise. Witness Native women in national leadership. While women have always been the leaders in our communities….we are connected to the Fire of our Mother (the Cree word for Fire is Iskotew – made up of two words – Iskwew [woman] Miteh [heart]).

The stories of Creation go on to tell about the fire at the core of Mother Earth. Indigenous World has never left those foundational truths…the great value of being shut out of “The American Dream”.

Today is our reminder to rekindle our relationship with Mother Earth.  Our world. The Indigenous People know She is sustenance. She is breath. She knows joy and disappointment.  She is not based on economy or status.  She is based on balance, humility, joy, love, nurturance, equality… and it is where the power is. Earth.

It is about time we take our breath back.  Today, on Indigenous Peoples Day, remember those who were here on this Land before the ships of merchandise, disrespect, and stuff landed.  And, remember Mother Earth. Her spirit is what will balance us, and Her spirit is necessary for all of us. If we are one with Her, we are in grace.

Remember your Mother today. Celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ today and everyday.”

Tantoo Cardinal

Tantoo Cardinal is an award-winning actress of Métis/First Nations decent who can be seen on the ABC Television Network series Stumptown playing Sue Lynn Blackbird. A Canadian native, she has appeared in over 120 film and television projects over the course of her 48-year career. She has won the Earle Grey Award (a lifetime achievement award by the Canadian Screen Awards), is a Member of the Order of Canada and is a CBC/Playback Hall of Fame inductee.




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