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Upgraded Layered Bob Looks To Introduce Into Your To-Consider List

By Native News Online Staff - October 17, 2019 at 12:00AM

Published October 17, 2019

There is barely any girl among you who hasn’t considered going for bob at one time or another. There is nothing wrong with that since no matter the type of bob you consider, it is always in fashion, and there are always lots of variations to pick from.

If you think about it, layered bob is probably the most versatile option of all. That is why it is the type of bob that we are going to discuss today. We are going to start the discussion by answering the question – why is it so popular and requested no matter the decade? Well, to tell you the truth, the answer to that question is more than simple. The fact is that there are so many layered types of bob haircut that it is hard not to find that particular one that flatters you most. As you proceed with the article, you will come to realize that no matter your hair type or texture, there is always a trendy bob kind that was created for you!

Modern Bobs With Layers

Whether you like it or not, but these days, most of us lead super hectic ways of life, and a cut that requires a complex morning fixing routine will not fit all. That is why more and more fashionable ladies prefer something low-maintenance and stylish. That is why a layered bob trots its way into the modern beauty world as a real savior. Even celebrities who seem to have all the assistance necessary at hand, prefer this simple haircut to all the others, and that means a lot you can trust us on that.

Modern Blonde Bob

If you are an urban chick and you are in search of something ultra-modern but quite low-key at the same time, then a blonde bob with layers is precisely what to pay your attention to. The fact is that if you experiment with the layers for a little you will get a cut that can be both easily and differently styled, depending on your mood. In the vast majority of cases all that you need is a little bit of your favorite styling product. However, there are times when you can storm out of your apartment, granting your hair just a few combs and still looking ravishing. That is the kind of magic that bob with layers can do for you!

Inverted Bob with Swoopy Layers

We have already noted the fact that bobs are not only beautiful to look at due to the colorwork but also very practical because of the layering. Let’s say you have a round face shape, and that bothers you so that you would do anything to add some angularity to it. The solution is right within your reach – A-line bob with layers that frame your face will solve the issue just like that. All that is left is to choose the color you want to try on.

Collarbone Bob with Wispy Layers

There is a false assumption that long hair can look quite heavy, especially if we are talking thick hair here. However, the problem can be solved with ease if you have a skillful hairdresser as well as a good idea of what to opt for in mind. The truth is that the introduction of proper layers combined with fitting hair dye will make your locks look airy and light in an instance. Wispy razored layers mixed with fashionable balayage can serve you like a guided direction to move ahead.

Wavy Bob with Layers and Highlights

If you think that your mane requires some dimension, we may have a suitable idea in mind. The thing is that layers combined with both lowlights as well as highlights, will create the perfect dimension. At the very same time, light curls will result in a super feminine and gentle hairstyle. A piece of advice – curl your hair in different directions for an outstanding outcome.

Inverted Layered Lob

We know that going to short with your haircut is not an option for all of you. That is why lob was invented. In case you still do not know, a lob stands for a long bob haircut. So, if you wish which type of layered haircut looks perfectly soft and feminine, we say inverted lob it is. Besides, one of the advantages of the inverted lob that in case you are the owner of cute chubby face shape, the cut will flatter all the beneficial parts, while it will hide away all the flaws at the same time.


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