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What Are Specialized Building Plastics And Where Can You Get Them

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Published October 10, 2019

Plastic’s versatile nature has made the most popular material for producing a range of different products from heavy-duty machinery to products that we use daily. Unlike other building materials such as wood and various types of metals, plastic is easy to source and much more affordable for manufacturers to use. 

The two main categories of plastic are thermoplastics and thermosets. Each one of these categories has several variations of plastic grades suitable for different manufacturing purposes. These plastics are found in almost every product we use on a daily basis from our clothes to the electronic equipment we use.

Plastics have also proven to be a formidable material and frequently used in the construction of homes, buildings, and warehouses. The piping and drainage system currently installed in your home is likely made from Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) a type of plastic that offers long-lasting durability, some amount of flexibility and immense strength. The fact that plastic can not be eroded by water is also one of the main reasons why they are such effective building materials.

What Type of Building Materials Are Made From Plastic

Plastic offers an affordable and long-lasting solution to take care of your residential or commercial properties plumbing and drainage issues both underground as well as above the surface. Leaking pipes and deteriorating connectors can cause water to spread out underground or inside your walls, floors, and ceilings resulting in expensive repairs.

Metal piping is susceptible to corrosion over time and even cheaper quality plastic connectors can easily lose there shape resulting in a series of plumbing and drainage issues that no homeowner wants to deal with. Buying high-quality plastic piping, ducting, and building materials help ensure that such incidents do not happen. 

The most popular building plastics you can have installed include:

Access Chamber & Covers

Plastic made access chambers are affordable and highly durable and serve the purpose of permitting entry to underground utility services such as telecom wiring, electrical wirings, and fibre optics. These access chambers or ‘duct boxes’ as they are often referred to have pre-formed holes that allow you to organize all underground wiring and piping in a neat and safe manner protected from the elements.

These access chambers also allow you to better manage your drainage and water flooding during periods of heavy rainfall. The cover is also essential to prevent debris and excess liquid from pouring out of the chamber and damaging surrounding areas.

Barrier Pipes

This form of piping is especially effective in areas where contamination in water is prevalent. Usually found and used in industries and manufacturing plants that have to dispose of contaminated wastewater. These pipes are designed to not degrade from contaminants in water and prevent piping from leaking and damage.

BT Duct Pipes

These PVC pipes are made for carrying telecom data cables and phone lines and offer high-quality construction and easy installation even in congested footways.

Channel Drainage

Channel drainage systems made of plastic offer a quick and affordable solution to dealing with standing water in areas of your property that are paved, tarmacked or concreted. They offer a simple and effective solution to water drainage issues.

Cold Water Storage Tanks

Cold water storage tanks are generally needed for vented heating systems and are installed in the loft area of your home. Cold water from the main water line is stored in these tanks and then heated before flowing down the vents heating your home.

Ducting Accessories

The simplest tools can often make a seemingly impossible task seem easy. Ducting accessories such as drawcords, warning tapes, and other useful tools are essential to ensure that all your piping and cables are properly attached and labeled.


Maintaining your guttering system is essential to prevent water from seeping into your exterior walls damaging your properties’ structure and strength. The guttering system at homes is often overlooked until serious problems arise so it is always best to inspect your guttering at least twice a year to make sure it is still attached properly and is not leaking from anywhere.

Land Drainage Pipes

Land drainage pipes are an effective way to direct excess water from areas of your property to a suitable collection point. These drainage pipes are only effective against rainwater and not recommended for the drainage of septic tanks and treatment plants. These pipes are most commonly used is the sport and leisure industry and in agriculture.

Pipe Connectors

Having good quality pan connectors is essential to reducing the chances of leakages in your plumbing system. Whether it be toilet pan connectors, toilet waste connectors, or other bathroom pan connector fitting making sure you purchase the right size and quality is of prime importance.

Soil Pipe Systems & Fittings

A soil pipe can also be referred to as a vent pipe or stack pipe commonly found on the external walls of residential homes and buildings. Soil pipe systems connect to the pan connectors in your bathroom and run down the side of your walls to the underground sewage system.

Twinwall Drainage & Ducting

Twinwall drainage pipes and ducting offer even more strength, durability, and lightness than other plastic piping systems available in the market. They are used in agricultural applications and are most effective for surface stormwater drainage. With a smooth inner bore and a flexible corrugated outside exterior, these pipes are made to last. Twinwall ducting makes for easy installation of piping and cables and ensures long-lasting use.

Water Butts

Water butts are the ideal solution for helping you store rainwater that is much more suited for irrigation purposes than water you get from the main water line.

Where To Get These High-Quality Building Plastics?

If you are seeking a reliable supplier of building plastics and are a contractor or construction company you realize the importance of receiving the materials you need on time to avoid delays and cost over-runs. You also realize the importance of buying materials at a fair price so you are still within your desired budget. 

In this case, then EasyMerchant is a great option because they offer the fastest shipping, great customer service a wide range of high-quality building plastics that are always kept in stock to meet your construction needs.

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