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Why Pattaya is an Excellent Business Hub for Potential Investors?

By Native News Online Staff - October 01, 2019 at 12:00AM

Published October 1, 2019

Investing in another country is always a great idea. Offshore investments are an excellent way to diversify your risks since you have more than one economies with entirely different dynamics to play around with. Contrary to popular opinions, instead of investing in already established western markets, the new world trend is to exploit the emerging markets in the developing countries. Since developing markets lack the saturation and maturity of already established ones, there is a lot of room for competition, lots of untapped opportunities, availability of resources and hence greater chances of growth.

In the recent past, South Asia has emerged as the hub of emerging economies, and Thailand is one of the most thriving ones amongst them. Bangkok, the capital of Thailand serves as a bustling cosmopolitan city and a major regional transit hub connecting many countries in the South Asian block. Although Thailand is primarily an agro-based economy, it has managed to tap its natural resources and exceptionally exploit tourism opportunities. The growth potential in the country’s economy makes it an excellent option for western investors.

Pattaya is a beach town that is located in the proximity of Thailand. Unlike other beach destinations in the country, Pattaya has road connectivity with the capital with an industrial zone neighboring town. The geographical closeness of Pattaya to the vibrant cosmopolitan capital and its development as a happening tourist center makes Pattaya an excellent land of opportunity for prospective investors. Here are a few sectors in Pattaya where you can make lucrative investments.

Hotels, Resorts, and Vacation Rentals

Since Thailand enjoys a tropical climate, which is another plus, Pattaya hosts thousands of business and leisure tourists all year round. As a result, the demand for hotels, resorts, motels, hostels, and private vacation rentals always continues to exist. That makes real estate an ideal sector to invest in, for both short term and long-term returns. You can look up for a Pattaya Property for sale and convert it to a luxury resort or a budget vacation rental, according to your budget. Either way, you will get great returns.


The transport industry is yet another profitable sector where new investors can find great business opportunities. Tourists and business travelers coming to town looking for taxis, private car rentals, and even vans and buses. The transportation sector will remain in demand as long as travelers continue to come to the town.

Tour Companies

Most tourists that visit Pattaya look forward to book tours via tour companies to explore the city and nearby areas. Pattaya is home to dozens of natural attractions, entertainment and sightseeing options, islands and even marine borders such as the Golden Triangle. Most of these tours cannot be done privately and hence tour companies are always in demand.

Event Management

Thanks to Thailand’s natural beauty and rich culture, it has lately emerged as a central stage for the entertainment industries around the world. From local cultural performances to international concerts and film award functions, Thailand hosts many events throughout the year. An event management company means a lot of business prospects for you at a lower investment.

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