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Yurok Agricultural Corporation to Purchase Mad River Brewing Company in Klamath, California

By Native News Online Staff - October 19, 2019 at 12:02AM

Published October 19. 2019

KLAMATH, Calif. — On Wednesday, the Yurok Agricultural Corporation announced the signing of an agreement to purchase the Mad River Brewing Company, Tap Room and family friendly restaurant. The Yurok Agricultural Corporation is a wholly owned corporation of the Yurok Tribe, the largest tribe in California. The purchase of this niche market business seeks to diversify the tribal economic portfolio in order to benefit the economic sovereignty of the region.

“Mad River Brewing Company has been brewing quality craft beer since 1989. Under this new ownership we will modernize our plant and develop new markets while maintaining the important relationships we have developed with our employees and the community. We look forward to brewing our award-winning ales with the same passion for another thirty years” stated Richard Hanger, CEO for Mad River Brewery.

Mad River’s flagship, Steelhead Extra Pale Ale and their other award-winning brews have become renowned nationwide for their unique flavor profile and consistent quality through dedication to the breweries mission, “to produce the highest quality craft beer possible”. Mad River announced no delay in production and normal business for the restaurant, tap room and distribution.

“We intend to lead the way for Tribal enterprises who also share the passion for craft beer and exercise our economic sovereignty in this purchase of this dynamic business” said Tuekwe George, CEO, Yurok Agricultural Corporation. “Mad River Brewery’s story and mission is exactly what we have been looking for in a business. Practicing the most traditional brewing methods for almost three decades, giving you the Northern California experience every time you raise your glass. We intend to expand this tremendous brand, lead with quality and share with the world.” added Frankie Myers, President, Yurok Agricultural Corporation.

The Yurok Agricultural Corporation considered Mad River Brewing Company’s environmentally friendly record in waste reduction, including the win of 7 Waste Reduction Awards Program honored by the California Integrated Waste Management Board. Mad River Brewing Company reports a waste reduction rate of 98 percent with much of the organic waste, ten tons of spent barley malt and yeast a year used as feed to local livestock, or used as composting material. “This perfectly aligns with the Yurok Agriculture Corporation’s vision of holistic business operations, and the Yurok Tribe’s dedication to its role as a protective steward of the environment, Tribal ancestral lands and the Klamath River” stated Toby Vanlandingham, Board Member, Yurok Agricultural Corporation.

For more information regarding the Mad River Brewery, visit the website at or visit at 101 Taylor Way, Blue Lake, California 95525

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