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Benefits of Virtual Data Rooms For Various Legal Practices

By Native News Online Staff - November 21, 2019 at 12:00AM

Published November 21, 2019

Every day a massive amount of data such as contracts, certificates, tax forms, and other legal documents pass through the portals of a law office. Most, if not all, of these documents, are confidential. Lawyers have sworn to protect the privacy of their clients and keep all legal proceedings private.

In the legal profession, consistency and attention to detail are kings. There must also be constant communication between the lawyer and the client. Virtual Data Rooms can provide much-needed support to lawyers amidst the many facets of their profession.

What is a Virtual Data Room?

A Virtual Data Room or VDR is a secure online storage and distribution platform used for confidential information. Mergers and acquisitions (M&A), the life science industry and the legal sector utilize this database.

How Can it Benefit Various Legal Practices?

Corporate Law

Corporate lawyers handle the complex process of M&A.  There is a need for due diligence in this type of transaction. Virtual Data Rooms can provide a safe environment where sellers can share pertinent information about the company without fear of leaks or data breach.

Corporate lawyers from the buying side can view the documents online and can give a prompt assessment as to the soundness of the deal.

In transactions involving real estate, virtual storage allows lawyers to manage sales and leases. They can also restructure loans and mortgages using data that is available in real-time.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property operates on confidentiality. Even the slightest detail to an invention must be kept a secret to ensure patent approval. VDRs can safely store licensing agreements and patent details. A patent lawyer and his client can access delicate information such as diagrams and processes during the search for prior art and actual patent application.


Virtual data rooms allow litigation attorneys to discuss cases and exchange interrogatories with clients and expert witnesses. It can streamline judicial processes during the discovery period. Organized pieces of evidence get scrutinized only by people who have access to them.

During litigation, a lawyer needs to review and manage a massive volume of documents. There is even a need to share some of these documents to the opposing counsel. A VDR will allow limited access to parties who are not on your team but still needed information from your side.

Since litigation usually lasts for months, a VDR can track the progress of the case and monitor all activities of everyone involved. Even the slightest changes get recorded for better transparency.

Corporate Finance

A VDR can be used to manage multiple operations during corporate finance legal transactions. It includes issues on high civic bonds and debt financing. In the world of finance, speed, and precision are the keys to success. Since Virtual Data Rooms are accessible anytime, anywhere; there is no time wasted, and decisions and closures occur swiftly.

Gone are the days when lawyers need to sift through tons of folders and documents to get the required information. Not only did it waste precious time, but it also made critical data vulnerable to risks and leakage. With the VDR technology, the legal sector can now focus more on their strategies and less on administrative work, a winning situation for the legal profession.

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