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Get Back Pain Relief With These 4 Simple Tips

By Native News Online Staff - November 08, 2019 at 12:00AM

Published November 8, 2019

Back pain is something that can interfere in your personal life and work. It can be uncomfortable for a person. I have even seen many people in my family who was struggling with chronic back pain. I have also heard many saying to get rid of this pain is quite hard for them. If you come under the umbrella of these people who have this pain and looking for easy remedies then no worries we talked with some experts and come up with exciting tips to overcome your back pain.

First, let’s discuss why people experience this chronic pain and what type of problems and affect they can have. Back pain can be brought on due to the sudden uncoordinated movement or because of lifting heavyweight, which can cause muscle strain and end up with discs rupture. The curvature of the spine, osteoporosis, and arthritis can all lead to back pain.

Muscle ache, stabbing pain, pain that radiates down your legs, and pain that worsens by lifting, bending, walking, or standing are the main symptoms that indicate the back pain.

Sometimes back pain can develop without any cause that a doctor can only identify with an imaging study. Below are some conditions that cause back pain, including:

Muscle Strain

If you are physically weak, then avoid lifting heavyweight objects. Sometimes any awkward movement or lifting weights can cause strain in spinal ligaments or muscles, and it ends up with continuous back pain.

Ruptured Disk

Actually disks work as cushions between the bones. When soft material in disc rupture or bulge, it causes severe back pain.


When your bones become brittle and porous, your spine’s vertebrae can develop compression fractures.


I can affect your lower back. In some cases, it can cause narrowing the space around your spinal cord.

Below are some tips for chronic back pain relief:

1.      Maintain Your Body Weight

Whenever we discuss this problem with any health expert, they used to say most people who are overweight or underweight are suffering from back pain. In order to avoid it, staying fit is the first option. Maintain a healthy weight because extra body fats stress your back and can cause chronic pain. Eating healthy foods, including vegetables and fruits, avoiding processed foods can keep one’s weight in a healthy range.

2.      Body Posture

Poor body posture is another major contribution to back pain. Make sure when you stand, you are in the right posture with head straight. Don’t bend your shoulder when you sit on a chair or sofa. When we come to body posture, make sure you stand with ears over shoulders, shoulders over hip joints, and hip joints over ankles will help you to live a pain-free and healthy life.

3.      Consider To Bring Standing Desk Chairs

Thanks to one of my friends who works for 9-10 hours in her office. It is useless to say she was suffering from back pain because it is obvious that sitting all day will bring it. She tried natural remedies but ended up with no result, and then she came to know about standing desk stools, which are also known as standing desk chairs. Standing chair is specially designed for those who have back pain to get relief from it. You can also consider this option you work in an office for six to seven hours.

4.      Lift Objects Properly

We all lift a heavy object in our daily routine. Most of the time, I have heard people complaining about their back pain after lifting the weight. Whenever you need to pick up a heavyweight object, make sure to keep the object close to your body and bend at your knees to pick it up. In this way, you’ll have fewer chances of having back pain.

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