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Planning Your Trip to New Jersey

By Levi Rickert - November 12, 2019 at 12:00AM

Newark, New Jersey skyline

Published November 12, 2019

Planning is the most important part of any trip, no matter where you go. How smoothly your travel and the trip itself goes all comes down to how well you plan. If you don’t plan thoroughly and well in advance, unexpected things can crop up that will disrupt your journey. To have the most enjoyable experience, you should make sure that you are well prepared! There are a number of things to do before you go to ensure that it is as smooth sailing as possible.

1.    Check Dates

If you are traveling with other people, you should ensure that you are all clear on the dates you have set. If you aren’t careful, numbers can be misread or misconstrued. You need to make sure that everyone who is going on the trip is on the same page before you even book your accommodation and transport. It would be heartbreaking if there was a mix-up, and one member of your party couldn’t make it as a result!

2.    Research Peak Travel Times

Traveling is exhausting at the best of times. You should ensure that you are traveling at a time that is convenient for you and your party and is not too busy. If you travel at peak times, like Monday mornings, you could add stress to your trip that you could have easily avoided.

3.    Book Ahead of Time

Some tourist attractions run seasonally, which means they are not open for some parts of the year. You should research the attractions ahead of time and plan your trip around when the attractions you want to visit the most are open. Plus, you ought to book them before the day you plan to visit because many attractions can become sold out on the day, and this will help you to avoid disappointment. If you are planning some golfing in your trip and want to visit the Liberty National Golf Club, it’s best that you call ahead to ask for their availability.

4.    Choosing Your Accommodation

Accommodation is integral to any trip. It will be your temporary home while you are away, so it must be able to provide you with all the facilities and comfort you need. Many travelers opt for the cheapest accommodation they can find, but this is not always the best deal. You should research the best accommodation in the New Jersey area and read reviews from real customers. Reviews can give you a realistic insight into the accommodation and tell you whether it is the right one for you. Travel convenience is best for trips like this. Accommodation that is close to public transport services, and still offers a good night’s sleep, would be perfect.

5.    Planning Your Schedule

If you want to pack in a number of activities on your trip, you should draw up a realistic schedule. Many travelers have high hopes for when they go on a trip and often overbook their time. You want to be able to appreciate and enjoy each attraction you visit or tour you go on without feeling rushed for time. Give each attraction you plan to visit an ample amount of time in your schedule. This will give you time to appreciate it and enough time to travel. A vacation like this should be enriching and relaxing, so give yourself time to travel and have a good experience.

6.    Leave Room for Spontaneity

Not everything can be planned perfectly, even though it is best to be prepared. Leave some breathing room in your trip for spontaneous activities; you may spot something as you drive around the city that you desperately want to visit, but you didn’t come across when you were researching for the trip. Take a chance and disrupt your schedule if you have to. Life is not all about strict rules, and vacations certainly aren’t; itineraries are only there to guide you and offer you a structure if you so choose.

7.    Don’t Forget to Relax

All action vacations that include lots and lots of activities can be exhausting, especially when you travel as well. Plan to take some time to yourself in the morning or evenings, if you can, to recharge your energy. Book a massage at your accommodation or take a relaxing walk around the block. Being in a new place can be stressful on your body. You get familiar with your home comforts and being away from them disrupts your body’s natural order. Give yourself time to adjust and relax.

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