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Searching For Greener Pastures: What You Should Know Before Immigrating

By Native News Online Staff - November 15, 2019 at 12:00AM

Published November 15, 2019

While there are countless reasons individuals and families leave their home countries in search of greener pastures, millions of immigrants often find themselves in sticky situations regarding their immigrant status. Whether you have immigrated to the United States for a promising career opportunity or you have left your third world country in seek of a safer residence, it is crucial to ensure your immigration affairs are in order. However, facing difficulties along the way is not nearly as uncommon as it may seem, which is why it would be wise to rely on legal assistance from a specialized legal representative, such as The Law Offices of Richard Hanus. Opting for legal assistance on your journey will provide you and your family optimal peace of mind. To best avoid the scenario of living in limbo once you have arrived in your foreign country of choice, the following informative tips will help you understand your rights while your immigration status is pending.

Immigration Petition

Obtaining lawful immigration status will be a lengthy process as there are several different types of immigration petitions, such as marriage petitions and employment petitions. Your type of petition will depend greatly on your reasoning for leaving your country. While submitting your petition, you will also need to provide relevant evidence to state that you are eligible for lawful immigrant status. You will then receive a receipt status to notify you that your petition has been received for processing. To ensure you are handling this crucial step correctly, it would be wise to opt for legal assistance as even the smallest error could put your future in jeopardy. Feedback and approval of your petition may depend on a few factors, although once you have received approval, you will then be able to apply for a green card, otherwise referred to as a lawful permanent residency.

Obtaining A Green Card

Once your immigration petition has been assessed and approved, you will then be able to apply for a green card. Obtaining a green card is essential when immigrating to the United States as, without one, you will likely not be able to find employment and survive within the country. In addition to this, you will inevitably face the stressful situation of being deported back to your country of origin. As part of the process of obtaining a green card, you should be prepared to be asked to attend an interview which will be conducted by an immigration officer. The purpose of the interview is to verify all your details and your reasons for relocating to the country. Once you have successfully completed the interview process, you can expect to receive your green card within a few months. However, you will only be able to apply for citizenship after three to five years of living in the country.

Employment Restrictions

While a green card is absolutely essential when relocating to the United States, you will need the authorization to work within the country. In some cases, your green card will provide you authorization to find employment, although you can also obtain a work permit or a permit to allow you to work for a specific employer. Obtaining an employment-related visa will allow you to work for a specific employer, which is why this method is most commonly used for professionals who are relocating to further their careers. The United States is well-known for being particularly strict on immigration laws, which is why it would be best to rely on the professional assistance of a specialized lawyer when immigrating as not doing so would be extremely risky.

Relocating To Other Countries

While the United States boasts strict regulations for immigrants, other countries host varying immigration laws and restrictions. Opting to relocate to European countries would also require a lengthy process and while certain countries are more lenient on immigrants with impressive qualifications and sound financial situations, opting to relocate to a third world country would require a lot less. For this reason, many young professionals seeking to relocate for several reasons opt for third world countries that do not require lengthy processes simply to obtain citizenship. However, it is crucial to evaluate the country and its economy before relocating. While living in a third world country may provide your near-instant access, you would still have to evaluate the infrastructure and the general crime rate to establish how safe your decision would be. There will be pros and cons associated with relocating to any country, which is why you will need to determine your destination with care.

Immigrating the United States or European countries may require lengthy processes that can be extremely disheartening, although these procedures are put in place to protect citizens and maintain the countries reputation. Whether you are considering relocating to a first world country or a third world country, relying on legal assistance is crucial to avoid possibly facing deportation that can be devastating. It is always best to avoid uncertain situations rather than deal with consequences.

Clearing Doubts When Immigrating

If you are relatively uncertain as to whether or not you have chosen a destination that will benefit your future and truly improve your way of life, it would be absolutely necessary to visit the country to determine the general quality of life, costs of living, and employment opportunities. It may not be in your best interests to arrive in an unknown country without having adequate knowledge about your surroundings. Conducting thorough research and planning a short visit will help clear your doubts and plan your next step towards improving your life. Your decision to relocate will help you determine the best destination as certain regions may be able to provide an improved quality of life while others may be best for their low-crime rates or their impressive career opportunities. Assessing the details of your situation and your affordability is crucial to determining a region that will be able to offer you all that you are after.

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