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Smooth Import of vCard Data to Outlook

By Native News Online Staff - November 27, 2019 at 12:45AM

Published November 27, 2019

Nowadays, business cards printed on paper are no longer in demand. As address books are digitized, so is our contact information. Despite the use of old-school cards in the context of face-to-face networking, their electronic alternatives are increasingly common.

These are light and compact and may be transferred between mail clients. However, the process is far from perfect unless you are armed with dedicated tools. Learn how to import vCard to outlook on, which has an error-free solution.

Proliferation of vCards

The popularity of vCards is not surprising. The format is convenient, and it has other important advantages:

  • effortless distribution by digital channels;
  • support by different apps;
  • compact nature.

So, how can these files be moved? Consider the arguments in favor of specialized tools. If you are willing to try managing it without additional software now, you may change your mind.

Why Tools?

If such a transition is necessary, there are chances the details are important, and losing them will be upsetting. Software developed solely for the purpose of vCard export ensures it goes smoothly.  You will be able to either export straight to Outlook or save the data as a separate file with PST extension. The latter may be converted later.

  • Speedy

First of all, you will save time. With the right tool, you are a few clicks away from completion. Otherwise, the transition could be lengthy.

  • No errors

Every single business card will be transferred in full. Do not worry about the loss of valuable data or popup complications. The conversion is accurate whatever the file structure is. Why risk losing even a portion of contact data when there is a reliable way to leave it intact?

  • Easy to understand

The tool is intuitive and understandable even for users with limited experience. Just locate the folder with .vcf files, and delegate the rest to the tool. Naturally, you will be provided with a comprehensive user manual to consult when needed, and the support team will be ready to assist you around the clock.

  • No deception

Rest assured that no irritating add-ons will suddenly appear in your browser. Sadly, such dishonest practices are very widespread. With an official product, however, the probability of unwanted software sneaking onto your machine is zero.

  • Flexible compatibility

The tool will work regardless of the Outlook version. Moreover, all popular editions of Microsoft’s operating system (32- and 64-bit) are supported.

Can I Do It Manually?

The Outlook client allows the unassisted transfer. A user needs to open the program and activate the Import function. The process, however, is time-consuming, as only one file can be moved at a time. If your address list contains hundreds of cards, the option is hardly satisfying.

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