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Top 4 Fashion Trends to Follow in the Coming Year

By Native News Online Staff - November 01, 2019

Published November 1, 2019

Fashion is a word that depicts a valuable meaning to many of us. By being fashionable you supposedly need not to wear expensive clothes but you need to carry your clothes well in order to glam up your look. Not many of them can carry every dress they choose to wear or every fashion trend that they follow. But there are some fashion trends that can help you out with your fashionista label pretty well, without having to spend much on them.

Here are a few picks for your next new years’ party or a date night. Read on


Boiler suits– they are a kind of jumpsuits with long sleeves that are in fashion trends these days. They are available in many varieties and styles and you should choose the right pick for yourself to rock the look. The cut and colour of the boiler suits play a very important role in your entire styling statement and thus, you must choose those specifically. If you want to stand out in the crowd then this is surely one of the best fashion trends to follow.

Animal instincts– earlier people used to wear theme-based attires on Halloween parties like the dinosaur costume, the spooky costumes, teddy bear costumes, etc. Now people are wearing different types of animal instincts on normal days as well and they are actually pulling it off really well. You can try a leopard print or a zebra print dress that would surely make a statement.

Puff shoulders– puff shoulders might be a very common kind of styling in this era but when done the right way it can add a sparkle to your entire costume and help you high glam quotient. It’s not necessary that you only have to wear a shirt for donning a puff shoulder, you can use this type of design in other kinds of dresses and attires as well. You can even make a puff shoulder in your traditional attires that would surely make you stand out in the crowd.

Patchwork– not all can carry it well, but if you can then you should be proud of yourself. The patchwork seems to be a modern version of the rugged look that millennials are picking up today. The colour and designs of the clothes that are in the market show what creativity it has within itself. You must definitely try out patchwork fashion the next time you become confused as to what to wear for a date out.

To conclude

Sometimes people follow fashion trends so much that they become confused as to what to wear and what to buy for donning a fashionable look. But they forget that it is not that you only have to follow the fashion trends to look good, you can wear anything that makes you feel comfortable. But still, if you want to follow the trends then the given few fashion ideas can surely be of immense help!

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