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What Are The Factors To Consider Before You Get An Ultrasound Machine?

By Levi Rickert - November 12, 2019 at 12:00AM

Published November 12, 2019

When you are managing a medical office, you need as many pieces of medical equipment as possible. These pieces of equipment will help you offer great care and accurate diagnoses. Plus, you can use ultrasounds in house calls, in every exam room, or o provide high-powered imaging. Continue reading to learn how to shop for the right ultrasound machine for your office.

Ultrasound Machines Help Patients Get A Diagnosis In One Appointment

Ultrasound machines help your patients get a diagnosis in one appointment. You may send your patients to the exam room in your office that has a large ultrasound machine, or you can use portable machines that fit in your pocket. You do not need to send your patients to an imaging center, and you can show your patients the images you have produced.

When you know what you are dealing with, you can use the ultrasound to take more images as you investigate the problem. Your patients know that you are already planning a diagnosis, and you can tell them what to do because you have an ultrasound.

Plus, you can use ultrasound machines in appointments based around these machines. An OB/GYN or midwife may have an ultrasound machine in the office so that they can check the health and status of an unborn baby. Orthopedists can use ultrasounds to check the progress of damaged tissue, or the machine can be used to check the area where surgery was performed. If you can keep your patients in the office, you should try do so.

Check The Price Of Each Unit And Its Accessories

The ultrasound machine cost varies based on the size and power of the unit. You can get a portable ultrasound unit that will fit in your pocket, and you can use the machine in any setting that you want. You may not need to send the patients to a particular room if you can use a portable device.

Portable devices are affordable, and they allow you to move from one exam room to another with ease. Plus, you can handle house calls, bring the ultrasound with you, and save time. If you have multiple medical professionals in your office, you can give each of them a portable ultrasound.

If you want to buy a large ultrasound device, it needs to be priced well. You can get a unit that you can roll around on a cart, or you might choose a unit that does not take up an entire room. Plus, you may prefer to buy a unit that is refurbished because it will always be cheaper than a new unit.

Does A Portable Ultrasound Have A Carrying Case?

When you make house calls, you should have a place to store your portable ultrasound unit. You do not want to damage the unit when you are traveling, and you need a place to store the unit when it is not in use. Plus, you can sore these devices in the office overnight. The devices can charge while they are in the case, and you can put one in each exam room if you want.

You Can Save The Images From These Machines

You can save images from these machines to the cloud or the digital records of your patients. Several patients need an ultrasound done every time they come to the office. If you are adding new images to their file, you can save the images digitally. If you are traveling with the device, you can connect the device to a laptop. Save the images for future review, and ensure that you can review them on a larger screen while offering a diagnosis.


The ultrasound machines that you purchase for your office must be the right price, the right size, and easy to use with other equipment. You can save the images that are collected, and you can get an ultrasound machine that expedites every appointment. Plus, your patients do not need to go to an imaging center to get the care that they need. You can save your patients money, and they will trust you because you can do everything that needs to be done in your office.

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