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3 Ways The Food Delivery Market is Changing

By Native News Online Staff - December 14, 2019 at 10:00PM

Published December 14, 2019

The business of delivering food from restaurants or grocery stores to the home is experiencing rapid transformation as new online platforms battle to capture customers and markets across various parts of the world. Online food ordering and delivery platforms are increasing convenience and choice, giving customers a means to order from a broad variety of restaurants and food vendors with just one tap of their smartphones. That being said, one area that is definitely transforming how people order food items is the food delivery app market. Companies are always coming up with new ways to improve their customer service or market their food ordering apps. Here is a list of some of the ways the food delivery market is changing with the help of technology.

Big Data

Online grocery delivery apps are increasingly using big data to increase their growth. In particular, they are using big data to help them gain better insights into customer preferences and behaviors and create a more engaging user experience. Food delivery giants like Mercato are using artificial intelligence to ensure that customers, restaurants, and riders have a great experience when using their platform. They are using big data to gain a better understanding of customer and market trends, as well as make more meaningful data-powered decisions.

New Delivery Channels

Established food ordering and delivery apps are experimenting with various ways of ensuring food packages reach their customers. Some companies are experimenting with drones to help cut the delivery time. Once these companies get the awaiting government approval, food delivery using drones is expected to be a reality rather than a dream. 

Besides drones, other companies are testing the possibility of delivering food packages using robots. The most exciting thing about this concept is that these robots don’t look anything like the menacing sci-fi movies’ robots, but they are cute. The robots are designed to prevent theft of the food packages they carry using a special feature that only allows the customers to unlock them from the food delivery application on their smartphones.

New Ordering Channels

With most people nowadays having so many smart gadgets and devices connected to the internet on their hands, they can perform a variety of amazing feats. With the advent of smart TVs, smartphones, smartwatches, and other such smart devices, it makes perfect sense to order food and other consumer goods and services using them. 

It is for this reason that companies like Mercato have developed an online platform that allows you to order anything from seasonal fruits and produce, hand-cut meats, specialty beverages, bakery and pantry items, spices and seasoning, dairy, and more from specialty and independent grocery stores of your choice. And the best part about it is that you can order through various smart devices including your PC, laptop, smartphone, smartwatch, and smart TV.

In a nutshell, the convenience of ordering goods online has generated a surge in the development of food ordering and delivery applications. Many of these platforms serve as a virtual market where customers can browse various grocery stores, independent food vendors, cafes, and restaurants and order their next meal or food package.

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