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5 Best Activities to Do in Belfast for an Adventure Holiday

By Native News Online Staff - December 09, 2019 at 12:00AM

Published December 9, 2019

Belfast is the thriving capital city of Northern Ireland. This city is a treasure trove of culture and adventure attracting tourists globally. This beautiful city will also remind you about the tragic Titanic shipwreck that happened date backed in 1912. This is because, at the former Harland and Wolff shipyard which is today’s Titanic Belfast Museum, the great ship was built.

This vibrant city gives you an amazing nightlife experience with buzzing bars and food gastronomy. But there are several activities to do in Belfast for an adventure holiday. It is the city where you find the longest zip line in Ireland. From hiking to indoor skydiving, there is a long list of activities you can enjoy doing in Belfast. If you are visiting Belfast for an adventure holiday, the city will not disappoint you. Let’s get started and explore these activities one by one.

The five Best activities to Do in Belfast for an adventure holiday

Enjoy Hiking.

Hiking is always an adventure experience. If you are an adventure lover visiting this beautiful city, the 4.5-mile hiking track to the Cave Hill will definitely mesmerize you. Enjoy spectacular views once you reach the top of the hill trekking along the heeled path. It is always better if you have travel insurance covering risks from any adventure activities. Accidents can happen at any time while doing any adventure activity. However, an added protection will help you to cope up with expenses arising from any medical emergencies. But before you buy, you should compare travel insurance quote with AA Ireland Insurance for the best rates and policy features.

Enjoy water sports.

Water Sports is another exciting adventure activity for tourists visiting Belfast. Bryson Lagan Sports offers a wide range of exciting water sports like kayaking, bell boating, canoeing, etc. Thus it is one of the best activities to Do in Belfast for an adventure holiday.

Explore the city in Bike.

There are beautiful places to see and explore in Belfast. For a perfect adventure holiday experience, explore this beautiful city on a city cruiser bike. The top attractions to see around the city are the Titanic Belfast Museum, Gaeltacht Quarters, St George’s Market, etc. It is definitely a great adventure experience to explore the city in Bike and see these attractions.

Enjoy indoor skydiving adventure.

The indoor skydiving centre is situated near the Titanic Quarter in Belfast. It is an amazing place to visit and spend an exciting and fun-filled day. You can have hands-on experience learning the skydiving adventure in a simulated environment with the state-of-art facility. It is also one of the unique adventure activities to do in Ireland.

Visit SKYTrek

If you are not afraid of heights, SKYTrek is the ideal place for you to visit in Belfast. Here you find the ninety-meter zip line that runs over the city. If you are a thrill-seeker, you will definitely enjoy breathtaking views of the city from the top of the zip wire that runs across. It is definitely one of the best activities to do in Belfast for an adventure holiday experience.

Belfast is easily accessible from Dublin either by roadways or by train. You can reach this beautiful city for a short weekend break and enjoy an adventure family holiday.

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