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Getting Ready for a Baby Shower: What to Include on a Wish List?

By Native News Online Staff - December 24, 2019 at 10:50PM

Published December 25, 2019

Preparing for the birth of a child is so worrisome. Many parents are trying to be 100% ready for all the possible needs of their future baby. There is a very nice tradition — a baby shower. This is a party that collects all of your friends who have already got kids, as well as those without them. One of the main benefits is a friendly get together, sharing experience, thoughts, and worries.

Besides, if you have decided to throw a baby shower, there is the possibility to get some items you find necessary as gifts. Of course, without a wish list, you will undoubtedly get a cute baby romper or onesie. But why not getting what you need? Besides, your guests will not need to think and worry if their gift is appropriate and useful.

Wish List Ideas for a Baby Shower

  1. The baby stroller of a certain brand: this can be a costly purchase. If you plan to invite a dozen friends, why not suggesting them split this acquisition. This is a win-win suggestion. As an additional advantage, there will be no piles of unnecessary items and toys that are usually presented for a baby shower.
  2. Outfits for homecoming: it is reasonable to choose styles and even provide links to the websites where these can be ordered.
  3. Winter outfits: this option depends on the season, of course. Some preferences can be indicated like color, brand, and filling material. This is a nice gift that will be useful for your child and pleasant to present for your guests.
  4. Nursery furniture and accessories: this is where you can rely on the experience of your friends who have already got kids. They know as no one else. It can be reasonable to indicate what you have already got and to ask them for a piece of advice if anything else is needed.
  5. A gift card from a particular store: one more sure option. It is important to check the validity of this card and not to miss the date of expiration. In all the other respects, a gift card eliminates all the problems.

Do Not Include:

  • Care cosmetics: this is what should be carefully selected by parents. Even the most experienced may not know if your baby is allergic to a particular cream. That is the choice to be made by parents and a pediatrician.
  • Diapers: first of all, for the same reason as cosmetics. To avoid allergic reactions, parents need to select the type and brand checking the skin of their baby. Besides, they will be used too soon, which is not the right choice for a gift.

  • Footwear: it is better to buy it together with your child in n offline store. As an alternative, ordering on the Internet with the possibility to exchange. This is hardly possible if footwear is presented on a baby shower.

These are just a few considerations that may help. Providing your friends with a list of necessities for you will help them greatly. Thus, all of you will enjoy this party and gift-giving.


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