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NTU Skyhawk First Nations Student Organization Hosts Annual Powwow for Graduating Class of 2019

By Native News Online Staff - December 17, 2019 at 10:51PM

The First nations student organization held its annual powwow to honor the class of 2019 graduating class.

Published December 18, 2019

CROWNPOINT, N.M. — On December 07, 2019, Navajo Technical University’s Skyhawk First Nations student organization held its annual social powwow at the Wellness Center on NTU’s main campus. The student officers worked diligently to host the event, which included a gourd dance.

The Skyhawk First Nations Powwow held its first event in the fall of 2017, which was been building each year with new features. This year, graduating students of NTU were gifted blankets during a special recognition at the powwow.

“This was my first time organizing a powwow and I’m happy with the outcome of the event. Without the support of my officers and volunteers this wouldn’t have happened,” said Tyler Tinhorn, a graduate student in NTU’s M.A. program in DinĂ© Culture, Language, and Leadership and president of the Skyhawk First Nations student organization. “We all felt it was a success, and we the officers of the First Nations club, are thankful for the participation from everyone who helped us.”

The students collaborated with university department staff to obtain donations and financial support to host the event. They were also able to get donations from businesses such as Bashas and Fire Rock Navajo Casino. The Skyhawk First Nations student officers are President Tyler Tinhorn, Vice President Michael Coan, Secretary Twila Largo, and student member Leslie Tsosie. The organization’s staff sponsor is Virginia Edgewater of NTU’s Office of Disability Accommodation Services.

“The Pow Wow was a success and I am pleased with the student’s efforts to stay on track in bringing this forth for our community,” said Edgewater as she explained the work the students did for the event. “We had a rough start, but it all came together in the end. I cannot say enough about the dedication from each of the student officers”

Each year, the students organize the annual powwow to honor and recognize those students who have graduated from the university. The social powwow was well attended by everyone from NTU students to members of the community.  The student officers are looking to recruit more members to participate and organize other social cultural events at the university.

To learn more about the student organization or the powwow, please contact Virginia Edgewater at vedgewater@navajotech.edu.

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