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Tevfik Arif: Biography and Legendary Bayrock Group Business Empire

By Native News Online Staff - December 28, 2019 at 11:25PM

Tevfik Arif

Published December 28 , 2019

There are not so many immigrants from Kazakhstan to the world market. So if we mention the large Kazakh figures, it is impossible to do without Tevfik Arif. The specialist has tried different business strategies from a young age to be deservedly considered the closest and most influential partner of Donald Trump today.

Life Path of Tevfik Arif

Tevfik Arif was born in the postwar years and lived in the conservative family of the Kazakh SSR.The talented child always liked to study despite all the restrictions that the war brought to people’s homes. Thanks to his knowledge, he was able to enter one of the largest and most educationally equipped institutions at that time: Moscow University.

Tofik Arifov began to be called Tevfik during the student years. It is a small nickname with which the businessman was destined to live his whole future life., Arif began to work in his specialty after graduating from university with good enough points getting a job at the USSR Ministry of Trade.

The knowledge gained at the university in the specialty “International Relations” was useful to the young specialist for 100 percent. Having worked in the civil service for almost 20 years after the collapse of the USSR, Tevfik Arif decided to take control of his life and quit. After that, a former deputy director with significant experience in sales founded the Trading Company, which was engaged in chemical production.

What’s next? There are the development of the trading business and the serious success of Tevfik Arif

The first years the business was not going very well. The massive crisis hindered the rapid leap and development. Tevfik Arif was forced to survive many attacks from the Russian mafia, which by all means tried to prevent a potential competitor. The businessman was forced to move to Turkey in 1993 for this reason where he still lives periodically.

Arif managed to support Russian business and actively develop a new, Turkish one on the territory of Turkey. Doing of this was difficult without knowledge of the language. Experts still do not know, the reason for Tevfik’s success in the Turkish market was luck or incredible sales talent. But a few years later his jewelry company, founded in 1979, began to flourish, increasing the businessman’s income to the maximum.

Tofik Arif did not go to the bottom and did not lose sight, as is usually the case after an amazing success. The determined businessman opened his own luxury hotel in Istanbul and slowly moved to the American market not wanting to stop there. Now there is no doubt that he being an unknown Kazakh boy earlier was able to become the most reliable partner of Donald Trump himself.

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