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Why Plagiarism Checking is so Important for Students

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Published December 18, 2019

Plagiarism refers to copying the text and ideas of someone else and presenting it as one’s own. It mostly occurs in the works of students. And as a scholar, ensuring you keep it away from your write-ups is the best way to write, as this comes with great importance.

Many scholars might ask, why is plagiarism so important? Why is plagiarism bad? Well, if you are one of these scholars, then this article will help you understand why checking for it in your work is very important

Importance of Checking Plagiarism For Students

Students sometimes find it difficult to write on their own. Although there is a wide range of topics to choose from and ideas about them, many still choose to use the previous works of other writers. This can have a bad impact on their studies. For those who do not wish to present someone’s work as their own, using a free online plagiarism checker for their essays can help them avoid it.

Below, we will take a look at why it is important for students to check plagiarism in their write-ups.

1.                 Saves you from low grades

Asides the embarrassment involved, you might receive lower grades if you submit plagiarised assignments. Teachers understand how bad it can be and will always give grades to students that practice it.

As a student, avoiding plagiarism should be one of your priorities when writing. While providing essay samples, ensuring you make use of plagiarism checker can come in handy. There are a great number of tools out there that check plagiarism for students. One of many is the https://newyorkessays.com/plagiarism-checker/, which is mostly used by students to review the plagiarised content in their essay examples and drafts.

Scholars need to ensure they do not have plagiarised content in their write-ups. This will ensure they gain more scores from teachers. Also, if teachers use plagiarism checkers to review students’ works, scholars can do the same to predict their grades.


2.                 Helps you to know if you understand the topic or not

Writing is a tough job. Learning how to write perfect essays takes a while. But as you consider a few tips and begin to put then into play, you just might find yourself writing excellent essays. If your essays turn out to be highly plagiarised, then you must try harder to understand the topic.


Sometimes, when students have slim background knowledge on a particular topic, they might start relying solely on the ideas of others to come up with something engaging in their essay. Such reliance tends to lead to plagiarism. As a scholar, using a checker would show this, giving you a shot at fixing the issues involved.

3.                 Boost your confidence

If you wish to gain a little confidence over your paraphrasing ability, keeping check of plagiarised content within your write-ups is a good way to do that. By checking your writeups and gaining proof that you have not plagiarised, you will become more confident with your abilities o the paraphrasing.


A lot of people in the world write. As writers, understanding the fact that stealing another author’s publication without citing them can bring a whole number of penalties towards them is very important. Students are not left out when considering a list of people who write. And to ensure they keep their writing content as original as possible, avoiding plagiarism is the only way to do that. The above are some of the reasons plagiarism checking is crucial for students.

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