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How to Avoid Moving Scams

By Native News Online Staff - January 02, 2020 at 10:10PM

Published January 2, 2020

Unless you need to only transfer a few things to a new place, moving is not easy.

Unless you need to only transfer a few things to a new place, moving is not easy. You can simply entrust all the work to a professional moving company like this one, which will help you forget about all worries and problems.

Unfortunately, not all movers are equally good. Some of them may lack professional employees, experience, organization skills, and suitable vehicles. Moreover, there are also scammers, intentionally trying to make you pay money for poor services or nothing at all. Therefore, when choosing a moving company, you should keep in mind our helpful tips on how to avoid a scam.

Tips on How to Choose the Right Moving Company

Below, you will find a few very simple yet helpful tips on how to avoid ordering services from an unreliable moving company and ensure a good moving experience.

Tip#1 — Choose an experienced company

While it is also important to give new companies a chance to develop, especially when they offer competitive prices, it is easier to check a reputation of a company that has been operating for at least several years.

Tip#2 — Check whether a company has insurance

When it comes to lifting heavy things, various situations may happen even with the most experienced movers. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the company has insurance. Every reputable moving business has it.

Tip#3 — Try to contact its customers

Getting references and contacting a company’s customers is a quick way to form an opinion about it. A reputable company will provide you with such details without any problems.

Tip#4 — Check the BBB rating of a company

The BBB is a great helper when it comes to checking a company’s reputation. On the website of the Bureau, you can see whether a mover is accredited, what rating it has, what customer reviews and complaints are about the company, and more.

Tip#5 — Make sure to get a full contract

Before you make a deal with a certain moving company, go through its contract first. Not only is it important to sign the document, but also to make sure that it includes all possible situations and charges. Scammers usually avoid putting things in writing, or they offer you a contract that does not protect your interests in full.

Tip#6 — Do not give a too large deposit

While most companies will want you to pay something in advance, the amount of your deposit should not be suspiciously high. If they ask you to give something ranging between $100 and $500, it is fine. Anything that goes beyond this amount should cause doubts.

Tip#7 — Contact a moving company in advance

Usually, moving is a carefully planned event, so you will likely be able to have a few months to organize everything. Moving companies that have good reputations and reasonable prices may be fully booked for a few weeks or months ahead, and you do not want to be left without good options.

Therefore, do not wait for too long to contact a reputable moving company. Otherwise, you will have no choice other than to agree to deal with a moving business with a less than perfect reputation.

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