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5 Essential Things to do Before Traveling to Colombia

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What is more exciting than finally being able to go on a long-awaited vacation? And when that vacation is an exotic South American destination, then the level of anticipation can double up. Colombia is becoming a travel destination for most tourists. And why not? This place is rich in culture, language, and traditions that are mesmerizing to experience first-hand. You get to learn a lot about how diversely people live their lives in this country and how polite they can be to tourists. However, there are some things that travelers must know before going to some foreign country for the first time. And if you view below, you can find some of the most important things you need to know before traveling to Colombia.


Get Tickets

After you’ve finalized your travel spot to Colombia, you’ll need reliable tickets. There are many ways in which you can buy your tickets for cheap. Go for websites that are giving discounts at the time or buy them at last hours to get low prices. In instances that your flight gets delayed or canceled due to fault in airline administration, you can get your flight delay refund immediately. Several reliable sites offer good refunds that you can use to buy better tickets or use it on your holiday abroad. 

See If your Need Visa

People from countries including the US, Canada, and many European nations are allowed in Colombia without a need for a visa. Moreover, the countries included in the European Union are also admitted visa-free due to their close relation to Colombia; it being the representative of South America in the EU. If you’re from one of these countries than you don’t need to work over getting one. But if you’re not, then you can search upon the requirement of visa for your country to get access in Colombia quickly.

Pack Productively

Weather conditions in Colombia vary remarkably in different areas. Unlike most countries, weather settings in Colombia change with altitude than seasons. Some parts of this place are cold while some are equally hotter. So carefully research the conditions of weather in the region you’re going to accommodate in and also the areas you will be visiting. It will be wise to pack items of both kinds of weather, hot and cold, to be able to travel comfortably, wherever you go.

Determine Living and Traveling means

It’s a no brainer that you’ll need a place to reside in that has the best views and has traveling destinations close by in addition to local utilities. You can do research online to find such a place or hire a travel guide to educate you on the most reliable and inexpensive accommodations in Colombia. 

Transportation is the key to going from place to place for exploring different exotic areas. Cabs may be the most reliable option for you to go to different places in Colombia. However, if you’re looking for cheap rides, you can check the local bus routes to travel to your desired area of wayfaring. 

Haggle Your Way Through 

Let me tell you my most favorite aspect of Colombia, haggling. You can buy anything ranging from accessories to vegetables and fruits from street vendors and stalls at your desired price. You can bargain all you want to attain an item at a cost that is half the original rate. For your souvenir shopping, you can go to one of these vendors to buy traditional and enchanted items for your family and friends and save money.


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