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The Best Foods For Your Teeth

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When it comes to looking after your teeth, we’re not always told which foods are good for them. We’re told what we shouldn’t eat but we’re not told which foods we should eat. If you want to take good care of your teeth, you’ll need to do more than just clean them every day.  You’ll also need to take steps to keep them healthy.

This article shows you what foods you should eat so your teeth stay healthier for longer. 


Almonds are ideal if you would like to keep your teeth healthy. This is because they are high in protein and calcium. They’re also very low in sugar which means they’re a great replacement for those sugar-filled snacks we all enjoy. 


Apples are very high in fiber and water. While a lot of advice will tell you to stay away from sweet food, apples are the exception. This is because the act of eating apples will create more saliva in your mouth. In addition to this, when you eat them the gums are stimulated which is never a bad thing. 


Carrots are full to the brim of fiber and can help your mouth to produce saliva. This means you’re less likely to get cavities. When you go for your dental cleanings you might find that your teeth are healthier thanks to you eating even more carrots. 


Let’s face it, not everyone likes celery but those who do will find that it works a little light a toothbrush. This is because celery can scrape bacteria and food particles from your teeth. In addition to this, celery is full of antioxidants which help to keep your teeth healthy. 

Why not add celery to your meals. If you don’t like the flavor you could chop it up so it’s quite small. 


Not a lot of people know that cheese can help to keep your teeth healthy. This is because it helps to increase the amount of saliva in your mouth and it also raises the pH levels. In addition to this, the calcium and protein contained in cheese help to strengthen your tooth enamel. 

Leafy Greens

Leafy greens are another food that is high in calcium. In addition to this, they could help to treat gum disease thanks to their high levels of vitamin B. Why not try to sneak some leafy greens into the meals you make? Some of them such as spinach and kale don’t taste of much, so fussy eaters might not notice too much. 


Yogurt is not only high in protein and calcium but it also helps to eliminate any bad bacteria. Opt for yogurt that has no added sugar and enjoy having healthier teeth and gums. Yogurt can be enjoyed as a snack or as a dessert. It’s nice topped with oats and fruit. 

As you can see, there are some tasty foods out there that can really help your teeth get healthy and stay that way. 

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