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10 Universities Offering Top Distance Education

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Distance education abroad is a great way to get quality knowledge while continuing to work and lead a familiar lifestyle. Today, many universities offer distance learning courses that are gaining popularity among progressive youth around the world. However, distance education can be a difficult task due to the large number of homework. Fortunately, you can buy essay cheap from professionals and make your task a bit easier. In this article, we present to you a list of the best universities in the USA and Great Britain working in the distance education system.

Top 5 US Universities

1. Boston University

As one of the largest non-profit US universities, the university has developed an extensive network of higher distance education for students. The university offers distance education in undergraduate, graduate and even doctoral programs. In addition, here you can remotely study at diploma and professional certificate courses. Training is provided through online lectures, videos, interactive animations, and discussions.

2. University of Florida

The university is included in the Top 20 of the best American state universities, and the university branch of distance learning already has more than 330,000 graduates in 135 countries. Distance learning is offered at the undergraduate and graduate levels in a wide range of disciplines, including agriculture, engineering, pharmaceuticals, business administration, etc. The university also provides non-profit and continuing education courses for the career advancement of working professionals.

3. Arizona State University

The university’s distance learning department offers more than 100 undergraduate and graduate programs in various fields, including business, social sciences, healthcare, etc. Certificate online programs are also conducted at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Distance learning is carried out on an online platform and involves about 18 training hours per week.

4. University of Wisconsin at Madison

The university system consists of degree programs and courses that are offered on the basis of 25 campuses. Undergraduate, graduate and graduate certificate programs are held here.

You can get an education in various disciplines, including communications, management, humanities, politics, and nursing. The most popular online university programs are master’s programs in engineering. In particular, here you can remotely study engine systems, engineering of stable systems, computer engineering and other disciplines.

5. Pennsylvania State University

Since 1892, they started to offer distance training, which was then done by correspondence. In 1998, the university opened the Penn State World Campus, which has become a modern and universal online platform for distance education. The university has more than 630,000 graduates around the world, and distance learning here does not involve “visiting” online lectures at a certain time and is based on individual scheduling of classes.

Top 5 universities in the UK

1. University of Liverpool

The university works in cooperation with Laureate Online Education and, according to the Financial Times, is one of the leading universities in the world offering distance education. In total, 41 online programs in various fields are offered here.

2. Suffolk University Campus

The university is known for combining modern teaching methods and attracting highly qualified teachers, as well as active cooperation with other universities in the UK and the world. The university offers 22 distance learning programs that are distinguished by individual attention to students and the possibility of regular contact with teachers. At the undergraduate and graduate level, the university offers training in the field of applied social sciences, arts, humanities, business, healthcare, technology, science, etc.

3. Anglia Ruskin University

Today, the university educates 31,000 local and European students and 1,700 foreigners and is one of the largest universities in East Anglia. Education is offered at the undergraduate and graduate levels, professional qualifications are also issued. You can remotely study such subjects as project management, law, and the humanities, criminology, business, communications, etc.

4. School of Oriental and African Studies

The school is a piece of the University of London and is the main higher instructive foundation in the UK that has practical experience in the investigation of Asia, Africa, the Near and Middle East. It offers 51 distance learning courses in various disciplines, including finance, international management, social sciences, marketing, environmental sciences, and humanities.

5. University of Manchester

The university is one of the most famous universities in the UK and has existed for over 180 years. Today, more than 40,000 students from 154 countries of the world are receiving an education here. Distance learning is offered on the basis of most departments of the university and covers a large number of disciplines, including pedagogy, healthcare, social work, mathematics, engineering, medical law, management, information systems, business, accounting, dentistry, etc.

Summing up

Distance learning is a very convenient option for many students. It is cheaper than regular full-time education and more effective than part-time. We have made a selection of the top 10 universities for you (5 in America and 5 in Britain), so we hope you choose the program for you from this list.

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