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Here is Why You Should Get a Six Sigma Certification

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If you want to strengthen your professional career and add extra skills in your resume, then learning Six Sigma methodologies is a great way of doing it. Having a Six Sigma certification does not only add to your skills, but it also shows your dedication towards your own business or towards the organization you are working in. 

Six Sigma was created and introduced in 1986 by Bill Smith. It was majorly based on quality control methods introduced by Ronald Fisher, Edwards Deming, and Walter Shewhart.

Six Sigma Certification

Six Sigma itself is a set of teachings that are used by big companies to enhance the quality of their production process. The purpose of using Six Sigma is to make sure that there are no defects in the product, and it is up to the quality standard. The Six Sigma certification is designed for individuals who have the ability to identify errors, shortcomings, and risks involved in a business to maximize their efficiency. The certification is not just given to anyone as it requires the person to have a certain level of understanding and experience. Six Sigma training can help you become an expert in process improvement, and it adds credibility to your name as well.

Levels of Six Sigma Certification

The certifications for Six Sigma can be obtained from the American Society for Quality (ASQ). Let’s have a look at all the levels of Six Sigma certification:

White Belt

The first level of Six Sigma is called a white belt. It is the most basic level, and with this certification, you can only work with change management within an organization, and you can assist local teams as well. 

Yellow Belt

This is a bit more advanced version than the white belt. A person with a Six Sigma Yellow Belt is well has a good grip on the foundational elements of Six Sigma. A person with a Yellow Belt Six Sigma certification usually helps teams to make improvements in projects or works in a more advanced project led by a higher certification holder.

Green Belt

When it comes to Green Belt Six Sigma, it is a much more improved certification as it is awarded directly to the employees of an organization who have been specifically trained. Individuals with this level of certification lead teams as part of their full-time job. They also help black belts with analysis and data collection. This is the level of certification that most people want, and if you are looking for Six Sigma green Belt training, you can just browse over to this link.

Black Belt

Six Sigma Black Belt can be seen as the expert level. The individuals at this stage are not just proficient in solving problems, but they introduce innovations as well. They are also qualified to give training and lectures on Six Sigma principles as they have complete command over the topic. The requirement to achieve this certification is much higher than the previous ones, and it requires you to complete two projects as well.

Master Black Belt

The highest level of Six Sigma is called master black belt, and the individuals at this level constantly unearth new findings and act as consultants and coaches as well. 

Benefits of Six Sigma Certifications

Having a Six Sigma certification on your resume provides you a clear advantage. It shows how committed you are and how easily you can grasp things and solve problems. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits Six Sigma certification provides:

Helps You Eliminate Errors Reduces Risk

When you have a Six Sigma certification, you become a lot more important to your organization because you can identify and eliminate errors, defects, and risk on your own. This process is extremely important for both small and big brands and can help them improve their ROI in the long term. For example, The Six Sigma process helped a then known mobile phone giant Motorola to save $17 billion in the year 2005.

Advances Business Process and Ensures Quality Improvement 

Once you have gained a Six Sigma certification of green belt or above level, you will be able to analyze an organization’s manufacturing and functioning processes easily. You can easily identify the factors that are slowing the process already and how quality can be improved. It also means that not only will you be able to get them to a stage where quality is guaranteed, but you will be able to sustain it as well by constantly monitoring the entire process. 

It makes you A More Valuable Asset for Your Company

When you are working hard for your organization, you also want them to value you. With a Six Sigma certification, you can become a more valuable asset for your company. The techniques from these practices are used in almost every field, including IT, Marketing, Management, HR, and Advertising. Having this certification means you can bring down the costs for any type of company by using the right methods, which can make their employees more efficient and can improve their return on investment as well. 

Opportunity to Achieve Managerial Position

With a Six Sigma certification, you are gaining more skills, and compared to other employees in your field, you will have a clear cut advantage. When it comes to managerial level positions, one thing that every company wants in its manager is problem-solving skills. These are the same skills you will be developing during your Six Sigma training, so you will be able to meet all those managerial level requirements. It is basically a competitive edge that will help you rise in your organization.

Better Salaries 

Make no mistake, getting a certification of green belt or above is not an easy feat to achieve for any individual. It does not only require you to pass hard exams, but you also have to put in years of practical work.  But once you have achieved it, you can fairly enjoy its perks. The people with Six Sigma certification are getting one of the best salaries in the market at any level. 

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