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How Many US Companies Use CRM System?

By Company Sponsor - March 23, 2020 at 01:19PM

CRM continues to gain popularity among many companies in the US. According to, many customers can pay more for a product as long as they get an amazing customer experience.

This makes CRM a valuable asset all seasons, and US companies are finding it a key integral for successful business development. Among other benefits, CRM increases and makes simpler data access. This is because data is centralized in an integrated CRM system and is accessible on any authorized device by any authorized person. 

US companies with CRM System

How many US companies use CRM systems? The answer is many. However, there are a number of these companies that are considered more successful than the rest, with HubSpot CRM being the most successful of them all in 2020. The belief that you can start small and make it big still runs deep in American soil, and the fact that most of the CRM companies were started by immigrants is something you cannot fall short of mentioning. 

In this article, we will list a few top CRM companies in the US based on CRM statistics. Having mentioned HubSpot as the best, the following CRM companies also appear in the top list and can be counted among the giants. 

  • Salesforce CRM
  • Freshsales Pipedrive
  • NetSuite CRM
  • Zoho CRM
  • CRM Creation
  • vCita 
  • Pipeliner 
  • Zengine by Wizehive
  • Avochato
  • EngageBay
  • Salesflare
  • PipelineDeals
  • CRM

Benefits of CRM Systems

The following reasons make CRM a praiseworthy business asset every entrepreneur is looking out for.

1. Automation

Every business admires the automation of services, particularly customer engagement. This way, the company can reduce costs on regular works such as sending emails, taking up calls, and addressing legal issues. 

2. Extensive customer data

Getting all customer data has never been easy without CRM. This software will have the whole history of customer trends picking up even those who the business may have acquired before a CRM system was installed. 

3. Helps you get ready for service

To be ready to serve, one needs to understand the kind of services demanded. CRM helps you to classify customers in terms of price group and product preferences as well as location. This makes it easier to optimize services, and the allocation of products and customer managers becomes easier.

4. Customer-based products

CRM helps a business to store customer purchase histories and other relevant resources. This makes it easier to track and follow up on a customer in an attempt to establish their relationship with the company based on previous purchase preferences and experiences. 

5. Data access is easier

Accessing data with the CRM system is simple and can be done anywhere. This is because data is centralized in an integrated CRM system. 

6. Reduces sales conversion time

With the CRM software, the time a company is likely to take before completing a single sale is greatly reduced. Representatives get information through the CRM system much earlier. Leads are converted to customers, and sales are completed within a shorter time compared to the historical methods. 

7. Business reputation

CRM grows a business reputation by helping the business with virtually everything. This makes a business be able to perform faster and efficiently. The human employees must, therefore, understand how to use the system fast and effectively for the business to flourish. 

8. Increases conversion possibility

With customer data and purchase history in place, it is easier to study customer preferences and supply products based on demand and high seasons. This way, the business stays ahead of others who lack these monitory tools, and therefore conversion rates remain high. 

US CRM market statistics show that over the number of companies integrating CRM systems has increased drastically over the past two years.

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