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Tips to Maintain the Testosterone Level

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Testosterone is an androgenic hormone, which means it is created in the genitals of our body. In women, it is produced in the ovaries, while in men, it is created in the testes along with sperm during spermatogenesis.

Even if men naturally have ten times more than women, beyond the age of 30, their testosterone levels will begin to drop continuously if they do not take measures to remedy them.

What is Testosterone Used For?

Testosterone not only has a big impact on our behavior, our physiology, and our sexual desire, but it also plays an extremely important role in the production of blood cells linked to our vitality, our energy, as well as our muscle mass.

How To Increase Your Testosterone Level?

Whether you want to gain muscle mass, gain strength, increase your risk-taking, your speed of decision or your resistance to stress, it is strongly recommended to scrupulously apply each of these tips to increase your testosterone levels.

You will see that the best methods to increase your testosterone levels are natural and simple gestures that you can easily adopt in your everyday life without risking your health.

Stress, cortisol, and testosterone 

You can’t talk about testosterone without talking about another hormone that plays an asymmetrical effect, cortisol. It is the stress hormone that, once stimulated, basically lowers the level of testosterone in the blood. This hormone is produced in the adrenal glands which also creates adrenaline. This process is the same in men and in women.

Therefore, you could incorporate methods and tips to relax, decrease your stress and thereby increase your testosterone levels,

Sleeping Well Boosts Testosterone

To increase your testosterone levels naturally, you need to sleep soundly on long nights.

Indeed, American research on athletes has shown that those who slept more than seven hours a night generally had a testosterone level 30% higher upon waking!

So rest well overnight and give your body the opportunity to regenerate completely to produce more testosterone.

Stop Bad Sugars As They Reduce Your Testosterone Levels

Quick and refined sugars are your enemy if you want to significantly increase your testosterone levels because when you take sugar, your body secretes another hormone, insulin, which lowers your testosterone levels significantly. A study has even shown that if you drink a can of Coke, your testosterone level will drop to -25%.

Therefore, this rule also applies to all other sugary drinks, and poor quality sugars such as candies, sweets and cakes, and even some fruits with a very high glycaemic index should only be consumed moderation.

Filling Up On Vitamins Is Essential To Improve Your Testosterone

Your body needs vitamins to carry out all of its functions, including the creation of hormones.

The advice I can, therefore, give you to increase your testosterone naturally is to eat a vitamin diet to optimize the spermatogenesis process and avoid blocking your testosterone production by deficiencies.

Consume Healthy Fats

In diets, we often make the mistake of depriving ourselves of all sources of fat, whether good or bad. However, certain lipids such as omega 3 are essential for the proper functioning of our body and are involved in particular in our process of creating hormones, including testosterone.

In addition, consuming them is easy and rather pleasant, since they are found in many appetizing foods such as avocados, brazil nuts or hazelnuts, as well as in certain animal sources such as salmon or fatty fish.

Supplement To Increase Testosterone Levels

If you want to take a food supplement, because you already do all the advice in the article, try testogen for several months before any competitions or during weight gain. GUARANTEED effect. 

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