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CBD Vape Oil Vs. CBD Vape Juice: The Good & The Bad

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For a lot of people, after they have waded through the ever increasing market of CBD products. They will have found the options that they are deciding between to be narrowed down to either consuming CBD through either vape oil, or people using vape juice. This is something that is commonplace where their users have already been consuming vape liquid, although not at this point CBD variants of the two. For someone who is well versed in vape products, using a CBD based variant would appear to be something that is easy to pick up. However that there is a distinction between two seemingly similar products can suddenly turn a product from being an easy choice, to a far more difficult one for even the most experienced of vape user. The reason for this is that both products sound very similar and are marketed as such, which causes this great amount of confusion to someone who is looking at taking them. 

Using CBD oil in your vape pen

For people who have a degree of awareness about products relating to CBD already, when they see a product advertised as being oil to place in their vape pen, it causes confusion. As CBD oils, by definition are products that are available in a more concentrated form that can only be taken in droplet form that would go under the tongue. Because of the extent to which they are concentrated, it means that using them in another method such as through a vape pen would not work at all and could even be detrimental to the consumer if they were to use the oil in this way. This is not to say though that if you were to use the oils in their designated way that the user would not benefit greatly from their consumption of the product as well as having advantages of taking them this way over using the designated vape methods. However the bottom line when it comes to this is that they are not to be used in a vape pen as it is quite unequivocally a bad idea.

How would you consume CBD through the means of vaping?

Now that it’s been cleared up that you can’t use CBD oil in your CBD vape oil pen to effectively consume it, and in fact that it is a bad idea. You might be left wondering what you could do to actually take it through a vape pen, or if it is even possible at all. Fortunately you will be glad to know that this is not a gap in the market that is waiting to be filled, but it is simply just not oil that is the product that does this. Rather it is the oil that has been distilled in a way that allows it to be placed within the pen and then consumed through the means of your normal vape pen. The product that does this is CBD vape liquid, this product is tailor made to be used in these pens. The way that these work is different from typical oil, because they are distilled and carried in a different type of oil, that has been distilled through less viscous oils that are typically processed along with another thinning substance that allows for the CBD to pass through and broken down in a way that means the CBD can be processed.

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