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5 Facts You Should Know About Writing a Press Release

By Native News Online Staff - July 07, 2020 at 10:04AM

You may wonder that in today’s times of social media and digital marketing writing a Press Release has no value. But it is not quite so. Organizations still need to send press releases to the various media channels, upload it on their website, or just send it out to the business world informing what’s happening in their company. They still need the press release distribution service as a communication tool to reach out to their audience. 

Press Release: What is it?

Press releases are factual and short news stories that are written in the third person and handed over to the media to give them an idea of the event and to encourage the editors, journalists or broadcasters to feature it in their programs as well as publications.

What you should know about a press release?

1. It should cover a newsworthy story: To write a press release, you must have something important or worthwhile to state. A press release is not for promoting any product or service and writing about its benefits or features. The press release is to announce anything new that has happened with the product or service or the organization. So, you and your client must consider these factors before writing a press release.

2. Target Audience: When writing a press release it is important to know which kind of audience you have in mind. But you can write it for the editor, broadcaster, or the journalist and they can in turn target their audience during their publication or program.

3. The top 6 “W” Questions: Every press release must answer these questions – 

a. Who – Who are you targeting, which company or organization?

b. What – What are you writing about, which event are you covering?

c. Where – Where is the event held?

d. Why – Why is the event held?

e. How – How is the event planned?

4. Structure of the Press Release: To start writing the press release, you must ensure that you address the most important information of the content first. Have a short but powerful heading which should announce the media about the story. The first paragraph must cover the story in a couple of sentences. The second paragraph mentions the context and its importance. The Third paragraph presents the details about the story, the people involved, and the reason for the event. The fourth paragraph must add credibility to the story with a quote, any opinions or information that are relevant and the fifth paragraph should mention where they can find more information about the product, connect and buy the product or service. 

5. One Story in one Press Release: You must ensure that your story sticks to one page and covers only one story. If you are running into two pages, you are probably trying to cover two stories. Discipline yourself to know when one story ends and the other one begins. If you want to add any extra information, you can do that in the notes to the editor’s section which is at the end of the press release. Else decide to write a new press release.  




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