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Common Sleep Problems

By Native News Online Staff - July 06, 2020 at 10:06AM

Each year, millions of unfortunate people suffer from sleeping difficulties.  There may be as many as hundreds of reasons for it. Some reasons are related to medical issues, which require proper medication to be treated, whereas the minor ones can be treated by ourselves.

Whatever the reason may be for sleeping difficulty, it’s no doubt that it affects us both mentally and physically. Testing has shown that sleep-deprived people are at a higher risk of getting into a car accident than drunk people. In addition, lack of sleep can lead to extremely high blood pressure and diabetes.

The following are common sleep problems that are faced by many people and their causes. If you focus well on the causes, you might be able to fix your sleep.

Cannot fall asleep at all?

People experience short term insomnia. Someone having this has trouble falling asleep and faces trouble falling back to sleep once they are woken by someone. People with insomnia often wake up too early. Insomnia is the main cause of depression too. People stay awake all night and overthink everything which leads to depression.

Common causes of temporary insomnia are hearing a noise, consuming alcohol too much, certain medications, or a stressful event like losing a loved one or getting kicked out of your job.

Short term insomnia is usually not a big problem. You can get yourself a gadget to help you fall asleep if you face sleeping difficulty. Long term insomnia can be dangerous and you should seek a doctor at your earliest if you have it.

Sleepy during the day?

It is not normal for sleepiness to become a hurdle in your daily life activities. You shouldn’t be dozing off in a business meeting or while attending your chemistry class. Trouble paying attention and heavy eyelids are a sign of this. If you have had enough sleep at night and still feel sleepy during the day then you should go and seek a healthcare professional.


Snoring occurs when relaxed structures in the throat vibrate and make noise during sleep. This can cause you trouble with your own sleeping and disrupts the sleep of others sleeping nearby. Snoring can be caused by allergies or structural abnormalities like enlarged adenoids. Sleep apnea could also be a potential reason.

Snoring can be stopped by making changes to your current lifestyle. Being overweight is another cause of snoring so you might think to cut a few inches to get rid of this problem. You can also help yourself by drinking alcohol less frequently and consuming a lot of water. Altering sleep positions can also help here.

Nasal straps are worn by many people to make breathing easier. It is placed over your nose to widen up space in nostrils.

If you cannot fix your sleep problem yourself, it is advised to get yourself checked to ensure that the problem you are facing is not related to any serious potential illness.

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