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“Grey Death”: New Drug Found in Louisiana

By Native News Online Staff - July 02, 2020 at 11:05AM

In the United States, a new drug is gaining popularity, which is an explosive mixture of heroin, fentanyl, carfentanil (a powerful opioid analgesic), and a substance called U-47700 (a new synthetic opioid). Because of its appearance, the drug is called “Grey Death.” It resembles small light grey stones, which are often used to cover driveways and backyards.

Grey death is much stronger than pure heroin, and 10 times stronger than prescription morphine. The drug is dangerous primarily because it is incredibly difficult to calculate its dosage. In recent weeks, more than 50 people in Georgia, Alabama, and Ohio have died from its use. Moreover, the majority of the dead were chronic drug addicts who received 5–6 intravenous injections daily.

Another danger of “Grey death” is the universality of use. It can be sniffed, added to various liquids and food, diluted in water and injections, as well as smoking, pre-mixed with tobacco or marijuana.

If you discovered the drug, contact law enforcement agencies or a drug addiction hotline. The consultants will tell you what to do in this situation and how to keep yourself safe. 

“Grey death” drug in Louisiana

In Louisiana, during raids, the police were faced with a new deadly drug called “grey death.” This was reported by the local television channel KLFY.

According to the sheriff’s office representative of St. Mary country David Spencer, the police encountered this substance for the first time. According to the police, it consists of heroin, fentanyl, and a number of dangerous opioids. In its effect, “grey death” is ten thousand times stronger than morphine. Even a tiny dose can kill a person.

As Spencer said, the color of the drug resembles concrete. The policeman warned that the substance should not even be touched.

“In order to be clear on our story, let us reiterate that this is the first time we have seen this drug by our agency,” the sheriff’s office posted on Facebook. 

The police department is sure that the drug was found in other places in Louisiana, but in their area, it is a rare find for them. 

“Grey Death” first appeared in 2017 in the states of Alabama and Georgia. Later, the drug began to spread in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

How to treat heroin addiction

Nowadays, heroin addiction is recognized as a serious disease that can equally affect a teenager and an adult. The main difficulty that arises in the fight against heroin addiction is that opioid drugs act on all groups of receptors, causing vivid sensations. As a result, a person feels free and happy. Most drug addicts admit that they only tried heroin at first, but then, in the pursuit of pleasures, they lost all caution and became addicted. 

At the same time, the risk for the addict is greatly increased because through intravenous infusion, you can get a huge bunch of dangerous diseases, including AIDS and hepatitis. In addition, when using heroin, there is a high probability of an overdose. An addict does not have access to information about the actual percentage of pure heroin in the powder that he buys from drug dealers.

However, drug addicts and their loved ones still should not despair and lose hope. Modern methods of drug addiction treatment and drug information hotlines can significantly change the condition of an addicted person and improve their life. At the same time, it is important to consider that it is impossible to hesitate with the treatment of heroin addiction, because the sooner you turn to specialists, the sooner you can achieve a positive result.

Patients should be aware that treatment for drug addiction is a long work, which brings a much greater effect if carried out under the supervision of specially trained doctors. But before beginning the treatment, it is better to call rehab and get a consultation in advance. A drug help hotline will help pick a right rehab and treatment program. The national addiction hotline specialists can answer all your questions if you do not feel you are ready to talk to anybody about your problem. 

Many addicts put off treatment for drug addiction due to the fact that they are afraid of the process itself. Having experienced heroin withdrawal once, when they were very ill, they decided that nothing will help. That is why rehabilitation centers provide complex drug treatments.

Every patient gets assistance, which includes overcoming their own doubts and uncertainties about success. It must be understood that depression, unbearable pain in the bones and muscles, vomiting, diarrhea, a feeling of physical and mental discomfort are caused by heroin, which requires that a person take it again and again.

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