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Insight into Types of Printing Technologies

By Tejas Maheta - August 14, 2019 at 12:00AM

Published August 14, 2019

Printing a newspaper is a comprehensive process, and every day this process is repeated across the globe.  Before the newspaper printing begins, there are several interconnected activities, which continue, and the process begins from collection of news stories or what is known as reporting, followed by articles, driving the opinions, advertorials, advertisements, printing and then folding of hard copy. Printing of news relevant material is done on Newsprint, or what is called as newspaper print.

Printing of the Newspaper

The printing process is primary step that goes into final production of newspaper. The rotary presses functioning in newspaper industry are designed in the way to produce unlimited copies or journals, which are the final products and used by the end users. Newspaper printing involves two significant procedures – One is Printing and the other one is Folding.

The foremost function of any newspaper process begins with loading and subsequently unwinding the newsprint reel; such functions are executed by pasters. The primary responsibility of pasters is to wind down paper reels, involving automated replacement of paper reels with high speed production. The pasters are aligned underneath printing towers in the manner that four printing units align themselves to print Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black ink directly on the newsprint.

The newsprint web works in such a manner that it moves against the gravity within printing tower after the application of color on either side of the newsreel. Typically for a single page which goes into the printing, there is a dedicated printing plate of a particular color, which is gently mounted over plate cylinder that is integrated within the printing unit. This printing unit becomes the part of printing tower.  The state-of-the-art newspaper processes working today have the capacity of printing complete color range on every page. On the other hand, there are specially made four color printing units which print on one of the sides of paper web, while another four printing units are spread across the backside print over paper web.

Digital printing processes employed within the newspaper industry are capable of printing several thousands of newsprint reels and this goes on continuously. The quality of digitally produced newsprint reels is much higher than what was produced in the days of traditional journalism.

Folding of the Newspaper

Newspaper is a document, which gives us not just information, but details of various aspects, which may either directly or indirectly, affect our lives. The printing process of newspaper is itself quite a laborious one, and this takes hours and manpower. Next time when you sit on the coffee table and start reading the newspaper, there is something more significant, which goes behind the production.Folding process is basically the production of newspaper ribbons, and assortment of ribbons then take place in the manner that pages fall one on top of the other.  There is a super structure while the ending results in the main folding units.

Production of newspaper is a technically sound process, which is spread over many closely related as well as integrated modules.

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