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The Changes that Education Needs to Prepare Holistic Individuals

By Native News Online Staff - August 14, 2019 at 12:00AM

Published August 14, 2019

The saying goes, “Education is endless. It is like the waters of the ocean.” In both the global and the local scene, a lot of focus is put towards education. Presently, it is believed one can only become successful in life by educating themselves. Consequently, many people have resolved to heaping degrees after degrees with hopes to be super successful in life.

Obtaining a decent education is an expensive feat. Most college graduates leave college with a degree and a huge student’s loan. Getting a student loan is pretty easy. Students are, however, expected to begin repaying the loans immediately after they graduate. What if a student does not land a job immediately after school?

On the other, if someone does not get these loans getting funds to cater for tuition fees, boardroom fees and expenses is extremely difficult. This begs the question, ‘should employers treat job applicants different based on whether they have or do not have a degree?’ Employers have had complaints of formally educated candidates being only theoretically educated on how to do the job but lack the application skills.

Changing the Learning System is Necessary

It is not uncommon to come across students in virtually all academic levels seeking for custom essay crafting help from any online paper writing service they can get. Why does this happen? It is possible that the formal system of learning puts too much pressure on students that they resolve to seek help just to stay afloat. Attending classes every day of the week, handling assignments, dealing with term papers, research papers, and other school projects are the norm for college students. This is besides taking part in extra-curricular activities.

Due to the insurmountable amount of pressure that college students deal with, these institutions of higher learning end up churning out cramming bots instead of well-informed individuals. Therefore, it is imperative that the education system is changed to put more focus on the development and growth of the critical thinking of students. To achieve this, schools need to:

  • Make lessons more experiential instead of just theoretical

The education system should be geared towards helping students comprehend more than the theoretical aspect of the studies. Experiential learning will require students to go into the field to collect data by themselves, analyze the data, and make their own inferences.

  • Use syllabuses that are shorter

When students are burdened with very long syllabuses, they are more likely to get professional writing services to aid them in completing their school work. On the other hand, if the syllabuses are shorter students can handle the school work requirements without much strain.

  • Encourage students to focus more on school projects and not examinations

With the formal schooling’s grading system, students are brainwashed into believing that only passing in their exams will make them successful. This forces students to cram instead of dedicating themselves to actually comprehending the concepts taught.

It is worth mentioning that all-important lessons cannot be taught in classroom settings alone. Therefore, parents and educators should not push students to attain many degrees that won’t be used. It is strongly recommended to tap into the special capabilities and competencies of each student and devise the learning system in a way that expands those skills.

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