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The Increasing Prevalence of Custom Writing Help and How to Identify a Legit Service

By Native News Online Staff - August 14, 2019 at 12:00AM

Published August 14, 2019

A decade ago, getting essay writing help online was unheard of. Currently, it is not uncommon to find students, especially those in higher learning institutions, seeking help with their paper writing work. An increasingly large number of students are opting for professional paper writing services to help them in completing their school work.

This trend can be attributed to various factors. For instance, many students are forced to take up part-time jobs to pay their bills and their tuition fees. Some students are actively engaged in extra-curricular activities such as varsity sports, and as such, they are usually left with little to no time to handle their school work. Additionally, some students lack requisite knowledge on how to write effective and impeccable essays. Consequently, all the categories mentioned above of students are forced to seek the help of professional essay writers to help them in completing their school work.

Getting professional paper writing help is completely understandable. Nevertheless, students are advised to be extra careful when using custom paper writing help to avoid cases of plagiarism. In most institutions, plagiarism is considered a capital academic offence which is punishable by expulsion. Additionally, the custom paper writing industry has grown rapidly over the years and as a result, there are innumerable custom essay milling services available online.

Due to the availability of numerable paper writing services online, it is easy for scam services to operate among credible and legit services. The major objective of these scam services is to steal from unsuspecting and desperate students. It is, therefore, strongly recommended for students to learn how to identify credible and reliable services to order from.

We are committed to helping students to learn how to identify the best essay services by giving them the best tips on how to tell legit services from scam services. Below are some of the things to look out for before ordering:

  • The refund policy of the service;
  • The revisions policy of that particular service;
  • The testimonials and reviews of previous customers on that service.

The Refund Policy Should Be Fair to All Parties

Before placing an order from any service, students are encouraged to first check the service’s refund policy. A legitimate paper writing service should have a clear policy on refunds. The refund policy should be fair to all the parties involved. Scam services often frame the refund policies to suit the company. A legitimate service, on the other hand, should give customers the right to request for refunds in case the quality of work received is not up to standard.

The Revision Policy of the Service Should Be Favorable to the Customers

Another crucial thing to look out for before ordering from any service is the organization’s policy on revisions. A credible service should allow its customers to request unlimited revisions until they get their desired quality of work. Scam services do not offer revisions despite delivering poor quality of work.

Client Testimonials and Reviews

It is advisable for customers to check the available reviews and client testimonials of the service’s previous clients. A prospective customer can learn a lot about the credibility and reliability of a particular service by simply checking the reviews on that service. Positive reviews and client testimonials, reflecting the satisfaction of clients implies that the service is reliable, and one can be confident to have their work completed by them. Negative reviews and testimonials showing disgruntled customers imply that the service is not reliable, and one should avoid ordering from that service.

The Privacy and Confidentiality Policy of the Service

This is another crucial factor that students are advised to consider before placing an order on any of the essay writing services. A legit paper writing service should guarantee customers of utmost privacy and complete confidentiality. A credible paper writing service should never share their customers’ private and sensitive information with third parties. If a service fails to guarantee its customers total confidentiality and privacy, then it is advisable for students to avoid using the service of that company. Total confidentiality and privacy of the customers’ information also aid in combating the prevalent identity theft and online fraud. To avoid falling victim to any of the above mentioned possible cyber-crimes, students should make sure to order from services that guarantee full protection of their information.

That being said, it is worth mentioning that there is a very fine line between using custom paper writing services and committing plagiarism. As such, students should always be careful to avoid cases of plagiarism when ordering from online custom writing services. Otherwise, using custom writing services is a great way of reducing the burden of handling innumerable papers in school.

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