Thursday, November 7, 2019

Dane County Landfill Biogas Facility Fuels Ho-Chunk Gaming Madison’s First Renewable Natural Gas Maintenance Truck

By Native News Online Staff - November 07, 2019 at 12:00AM

Utilizing the Dane County Landfill Biogas CNG Station to fill the Pride of the Ho-Chunk Gaming Madison Maintenance fleet is Dane County Executive Joe Parisi and Ho-Chunk Gaming Madison’s Executive Manager, Daniel Brown.

Published November 7, 2019

Ho-Chunk Nation’s Ongoing Effort to be Environmentally Conscious

MADISON, Wisc. — Ho-Chunk Gaming Madison is excited to announce that for the first time they are now using Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) to power one of their Maintenance trucks.

During Earth Week in April of this year the Dane County Landfill Biogas Facility opened a $28 million plant as the first of its kind in the United States.  The plant converts the collected methane into compressed natural gas (CNG) which is then injected into its pipeline.  It turns decomposed waste (and cow manure) into renewable fuel which can be bought and sold.

Ho-Chunk Gaming Madison has formed a partnership with Dane County Landfill Biogas Facility to become the Ho-Chunk Nation’s first natural gas fueled vehicle, powered with the cleanest transportation fuel available.  When this fuel is used for vehicles they have a lower emission rate than gasoline or diesel.  Ho-Chunk Gaming Madison has kept their pledge to remain a sustainable leader in Madison and they continue to try to reduce their carbon footprint through research and identify environmentally engaged options.

Ho-Chunk Gaming Madison Maintenance Manager, Erik Lincoln, said he realized an opportunity to partner with the Dane County Landfill to possibly source fuel for his fleet. A 2017 Sustain Dane Badger ‘Bioneer’ Award Top 5 nominee, Lincoln is in his own right is a sustainability leader and one of the driving forces behind the casino’s sustainability initiatives.  He is always looking for ways to meld being a caretaker of the planet while continuing to foster community relations.

Lincoln, a bit of a Futurist, was looking for an alternative to petroleum fuels to power his work truck. “I felt that a renewable natural gas was the best solution for the department while we wait for electric trucks to become a more viable option,” Lincoln stated, “This new work truck is our “greenest” project of Fiscal Year 2019.”

“We’re pleased to be able to combine not only local community knowledge right in our backyard but, also an innovative, first of its kind in the Nation sustainable practice as this one,” said Daniel Brown, Executive Manager, Ho-Chunk Gaming Madison “It is our responsibility to implement earth-conscious solutions within our tribally owned enterprises so we can set a higher standard and be the example to encourage other organizations to do so as they are able.”

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