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Five Reasons Why Egypt Is Perfect Destination for Tourists

By Levi Rickert - November 07, 2019 at 12:00AM

Published November 7, 2019

Egypt brags of a stupendously lovely scene loaded up with cultural jewels. Sun, sea, and sand blended with a dash of exotic culture and legacy, the spouting river Nile, antiquated landmarks, huge deserts, world-renowned coral reefs to cosmopolitan urban communities – enough motivations to take one of those tours in Egypt! That guarantees you don’t need to peruse through several holiday destinations over the globe for your ideal vacation – the mesmerizing land of Egypt has everything! 

A land that brought forth one of the ‘Seven Wonders of the Ancient World’ – the Great Pyramids of Giza, probably the biggest bazaar in the Middle East situated in Cairo – Khan-el-Khalili, seaside resorts of Hurghada and Sharm El Sheik – perfect for family vacations, jam-packed seashore resorts overflowing with extravagance, water sports activities, amusement and shopping… the rundown is long! Here are 5 reasons why Egypt is a perfect destination for tourists. 

1. Politics and protests 

The common distress you see on the news is absolutely a domestic political issue. Egypt remains very safe for tourists and despite the fact that there might be demonstrations every once in a while, these have nothing to do with Westerners and there is no evil inclination towards guests. The media tend to focus the spotlight on the negatives. In any case, two or three streets over from any distress, you’ll locate a tranquil road where life is going on as ordinary with elderly men playing backgammon and women shopping. 

2. Crowd-free famous attractions 

The iconic destinations are moderately vacant of crowds. For example, the number of guests permitted to enter the tomb deep inside Cheops pyramid every day is typically constrained and tickets will in general sell out promptly in the early part of the day. By and by its moderately simple to get hold of them and you won’t have those irritating busloads of tourists impeding your photos. 

3. Warm welcome 

The people of Egypt are truly glad to have tourists visiting and will consistently give travelers a warm welcome. Generally, these individuals will be people who somehow or another are associated with the tourism industry, yet it’s normal to get a genuine and hearty “Welcome to Egypt!” greeting from a common man on the road who is proud of his nation and wants to display its best face to the world. 

4. Value for cash 

There are deals to be had, consistently, particularly while business in the bazaars is moderately slow. There are bazaars in all the primary tourist towns in Egypt, for example, Luxor and Aswan, yet the mother of all is Khan el Khalili in Islamic Cairo. It’s an immense labyrinth of stalls brimming with each possible kind of souvenir and the stallholders are constantly prepared to haggle. 

5. A fantasy destination

Egypt stays one of the world’s most entrancing and spectacular destinations. When most European communities were all the while wearing animal skins and simply working out how to develop, ancient Egypt had arrived at the apogee of human civilization and kept up a steady and sophisticated culture for about three millennia; a mind-boggling accomplishment by present-day standards.

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