Thursday, November 21, 2019

E. Sequoyah Simermeyer Confirmed by U.S. Senate to Chair the National Indian Gaming Commission

By Native News Online Staff - November 21, 2019 at 07:14PM

E. Sequoyah Simermeyer

Published November 21, 2019

WASHINGTON – E. Sequoyah Simermeyer has been confirmed by the United States Senate to serve as Chair of the National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC) for a term of three years.

The announcement was made by the office of Senator John Hoeven (R-ND), Chairman of the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs.

“The Senate has confirmed Mr. Simermeyer, which will enable him to continue the work of regulating and monitoring tribal gaming,” said Hoeven. “Mr. Simermeyer’s legal experience and knowledge of Indian gaming enables him to effectively oversee the NIGC and uphold the integrity of the commission.”

Prior to be nominating this past July for the post, he served as a Commissioner and the Director of Self-Regulation for the National Indian Gaming Commission, where Simermeyer worked with federal, state, and tribal bodies on national gaming regulatory policy and compliance as well as self-regulation petitions.

Simermeyer formerly advised the U.S. Senate Committee on Indian Affairs and served as the Deputy Chief of Staff and as a Counselor to the Department of the Interior’s Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs. He also advocated on national and international policy issues with the National Congress of American Indians and holds a law degree from Cornell Law School.

The NIGC has jurisdiction over 512 licensed gaming establishments operated by 246 Indian Tribes in 29 States. In fiscal year (FY) 2018, tribal gaming revenues were approximately $33.7 billion, the highest in Indian gaming history. The NIGC currently has approximately 114 full-time employees in seven regional offices with an annual budget of $25 million in FY 2019. The NIGC budget is funded through fees paid by tribal gaming operations and can be up to 0.080% of gross gaming revenue pursuant to the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act.

The Committee has jurisdiction to consider the nomination of the NIGC Chair and approved Mr. Simermeyer’s nomination on July 31, 2019.

For more information on the NIGC, click here.

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