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Sell Your Car to the Disposal

By Native News Online Staff - June 22, 2020 at 12:00PM

You may own a vintage car that has reached a point where it is so old that it cannot circulate properly. Or it could be that you have received a car that you don’t want after the death of a relative, and you’re wondering what to do with a legacy car.

There are many ways to get rid of an old car, but it is important to choose well, because you can end up making money for your used car.

Remember that leaving the car parked on the street and ignoring it is not recommended. In fact, it is not even legal, as you can be fined for leaving your car on the street.

When you stop using a car it is very important to cancel it, the same happens when it comes to canceling a used motorcycle. But do you know how to cancel a car?

Well, there are numerous ways to do it, but one of the most recommended ways to cancel your car and also make a profit from it is to sell your used car to the junkyard. But not any scrapping can deregister your vehicle, since only those considered as CAT (Authorized Treatment Center) can process definitive losses.

Here we are going to tell you everything you need to know about scrapping a car, such as the advantages of bringing your car to one, how much the scrapping pays for a car or the documents you need to carry it.

Advantages of taking a car to the junkyard

With the entry into force of the new emissions regulations, car prices increased and this caused many people to take advantage of buying a new vehicle before the price increase. The result was that many people took their old cars to the junkyard.

These are the 4 main advantages of taking a car to the junkyard:

  • Final removal procedure: Whenever the scrapping is cataloged as CAT, they will be in charge of deregistering the vehicle in the Traffic database, and you will save yourself a procedure that can be troublesome.
  • Car pick-up at home: There are occasions when the car is in a state in which it is not recommended (or directly impossible) to drive to the scrap yard. No problem, the scrap yard itself will collect the car in a crane where you request.
  • Recycling: By taking the car to the junk yard you are doing the sustainability of the environment a favor. If you left your car in a car graveyard, all those pieces would be wasted. On the contrary, in the junkyard they will find a new life.
  • Financial remuneration: The scrapyards live on cars in poor condition and they need those parts for their business to continue, therefore they will give you money for a car that no one else would pay for.

How much does the junk pay for my car?

We have already said that the scrapping will pay us an amount that no one else would pay for an old, damaged or non-moving car. But the question is clear: how much does the scrap pay for my car exactly?

Well, we are facing a very subjective response in which different factors come into play: make and model of the car, years of age, condition of the vehicle, etc.

In the past, it was very difficult to compare scrap prices because you had to travel with the car to the premises themselves so that they could check the condition of the vehicle. Another option was for the junkyard staff to go to where the car was to find out if there are pieces that are worth it.

But today you can price a car online in just a few minutes. It can even be done via WhatsApp, although this is somewhat less recommended for security and reliability issues.

To discover on the Internet how much We pay cash for cars, it is simply worth entering the establishment’s website and entering some simple information about the car and the owner. Of course, you will also have to send photos for parts of the car, which they will ask you for. Once this is done, the scrapyard will contact you to communicate the price of your vehicle.

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