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Art is an expansive field that encompasses several areas. People interpret it as per their understanding, but it would not be wrong to say that art means transferring artists’ imagination from their minds to canvas, screens, books, or on other platforms. Art is all about creativity, and it has no bounds. It is a medium in which artists describe and convey their emotions. It is a means of expressing oneself and plays the role of the bridge in bringing two cultures together. Art evolves with time; however, some artistic pieces remain timeless and take the status of a classic. People celebrate art as it brings joy into their lives and serves as an anti-depressant.

Artists are creative thinkers who produce art to express themselves and to provide society with inspiration, amusement, and sometimes entertainment. Some form of art triggers thinking in communities, while sometimes it gives people a break from their routine lives.

People used to celebrate art in earlier times as well, and history tells us that the general public glorified storytellers, theatre, painters, dancers, and writers. Over the years, art has become more diversified, and a multitude of branches have emerged in this field. Advancement in technology has transformed the art industry on a massive scale and has brought plenty of artists to the forefront. Visual artists, graphic designers, digital marketers all come under the umbrella of modern artists as they send across their message through colors exploring digital tools. There has always been a specific group of people who were art aficionados, and have supported the cause of it. The following are a few areas of art that art enthusiasts have endorsed in the past, and art lovers show their support to these forms even today:


One of the traditionalist and old forms of art, ballet dancing has evolved a lot in the past few years. When ballet dancers perform on stage, they create a ripple effect of mesmerization. Audiences feel that dancers are in some spell while holding the postures in synchronization. The sequences of ballet are so compelling that a viewer is usually unable to shift his focus to something else. Dancers have been using dance to express their emotions, and ballet dancing conveys their sentiments to the viewers. People have commented that with the years, postures of ballet dancing have become complicated, but the amount of time and practice most of these dancers put into their performance make it appear effortless. People from all walks of life enjoy ballet dancing, and while some find it hard to attempt it themselves, they support the cause through organizing various programs where these dancers get a chance to showcase their talent. Ballet dancing has taken the form of a profession, and Elizabeth Segerstrom is one of the benefactors, who has carried her parents’ legacy forwards and often organize events to promote performing and visual arts.


Painting is another form of art, and there are various types of paintings. Painters have knowledge of texture, colors, brushwork, and composition, and they use them to create pieces that can inspire numerous people. Initially, people used to paint and carve on rocks and find validation in other people’s applause. With time people got the exposure of working with different mediums. Canvas is the vastly used medium today, and painters create masterpieces on it. The public admires the brilliance of artists’ color strokes and often spend an exuberance amount of money to purchase artistic pieces. Sometimes people take painting as a hobby, and with time they learn the skill, gain expertise, and make it a profession.


One of the oldest forms of art, which brought people together is creating and telling stories. Earlier days, people used to gather and sit around a storyteller. Later on, the art evolved, and it took the shape of theatre. In every era, some people were creative thinkers and had the mind of inventing stories.

It is human nature that he wants to narrate stories to others, and most of the time, stories emerge from real incidents. Artists present narratives in numerous ways and sometimes retell an event of history through acting or mimicry. On the other hand, some people find pleasure in listening to tales or watching stories unfolding on screen or stage. History tells that the art of storytelling began through drawing. It shifted to oral narration, then written, technology has introduced several other channels through which artists tell stories. Books, films, digital images are all different platforms that artists use to display their talent.


With the advancement in technology, photography has undergone a massive transformation, and today it stands out as a proliferating profession. Its branches range from wild photography to wedding portraits. For years’ people supported this form of art to preserve their memories for a more extended period. In fine art, photography artists create expression through the lens of a camera and make their marks. To capture realistic images, photographers go to the unbelievable lengths and put in their earnest efforts to get that one click. Various fine art photographers have made their names because of one artistic image.


The sculpture is a type of visual art, which dates back to the 15th century. Sculpture played a significant part in the progression of Western culture. Over the years, it has transformed, but the fundamental technique is more or less the same. Usually, people hang artistic pieces on the wall, and they serve as decorative items. However, they place sculptures in a garden or an entryway. Art galleries take pride in displaying antique sculptures as they add to the value of the place.


Art initially emerged as a way of expressing oneself, but with time it has paved roads for various professions. People enroll in institutes to learn artistic skills and pursue it as a career. Artists put their hearts and soul to produce a single creative piece, and sometimes they earn money by organizing exhibitions of their craft. Not everyone has the keen eye of understanding art, but it takes a sharp and artistic mind to comprehend and appreciate it. 

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